Friday, August 5, 2011

Our anniversary, visit to the nursing home and The Fair!

It seems like this week has been such a flurry of activity. It's been fun though and the weekend has many fun things planned as well. I get to spend 4 hours with the other Discussion Group Leaders for our MOPS group tomorrow and the mentor moms will also be there. Did I mention that I'm going without children? I'm sure the fellowship is going to be good. Our DGL leader (Hi, Cami!) has asked us to bring our bibles. I'm so looking forward to digging into God's word. I need it!

Wednesday was our anniversary. Jeremiah surprised me with this adorable pink crate full of fun things.

After Jeremiah got off work, we dropped the kids off with Sally. We went out to dinner at a restaurant we hadn't been to before. The food was absolutely amazing! I had a fish sandwich that had homemade tartar and coleslaw on it.
Jeremiah had a steak. The awesome thing was that they serve the steak to you, uncooked on this super hot brick. Then you cook the steak right there at your table. The steak comes with different veggies and sauces that you can cook it with. It was such a cool presentation.
While the kids were at Sally's house, she painted Paisley's toes. How stink'n cute are these????
Yesterday we met some Moms and kids from our MOPS group at a local nursing home. When we first got there, Judah was a little timid but, he eventually warmed up. He's suddenly going through a phase where he can be really shy and uncomfortable being in places that he's not familiar with. His behavior lately has been challenging and to be honest, it wears me down. When we were about to go into the nursing home, he started to throw a tantrum about it. I just took his hand and kept on walking and the tantrum stopped. He's challenging lately though and I'm not sure what's causing it. I don't know if it's just his age or what. Of course, it's super easy to start blaming myself and wonder if I'm doing something wrong. He has always been an exceptional child and seeing him scared of so many things and have a hard time makes me sad. I'm trying to find a balance of parenting him with gentleness and acknowledging his feelings while not letting him have his way all the time. Bottom line, it's hard! Let's just hope it passes soon. Anyway........
Seeing the kids with the elderly people was precious. I love this picture of Paisley staring at this man.
The kids got to hand out cookies to the residents and they also ate cookies together.
At one point, this sweet lady came in and played an old hymn on the piano and sang. It was beautiful!
Yesterday afternoon my mom, sister and her kids came over. We all played outside in the pool and enjoyed the warm sunny day. Paisley and Levi took turns hanging out in the excersaucer in the shade. 

Sally and my mom hung out with their feet in the water. I think this is the perfect way to spend a warm sunny day.

Last night we went to the fair for just a short time. For both Jeremiah and I, the fair was the highlight of our summer when we were growing up. We still love it. I have to be careful because being at the fair makes me want to get all sorts of animals. The baby pigs are so cute, I love, love, love the goats and I love the bunnies. It wouldn't be very hard to talk me into getting a bunny, or a goat for that matter.

We didn't stay too long because Judah wasn't really into it. I think we might go again this weekend and give it a second try. If nothing else, Jeremiah and I will have fun. We didn't eat any fair food last night and you can't have a good fair weekend without eating any fair food!

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  1. You have had an incredibly busy week and weekend! Wow! Sounds like it has been packed full of fun! Our kids weren't into the fair too much the first couple of times. We didn't go this year. Probably will next year, just too much happening this year.


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