Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Parade!

This morning we went to the parade. For being a pretty small town, I think our parade is pretty awesome. It was almost an hour and a half long. We met Sally and her boys there and Jeremiah's parents. I was hoping that Judah would enjoy the parade and he totally loved it. Tonight he told me that he wants to "Go to the parade again!". 

 Paisley did well in her stroller for part of the time and then she started getting a little restless. I sat her on my lap and she was waving and waving. It was so cute. Then she started getting restless again. 
 There was a lot of music in the parade and the boys danced and danced. Watching them dance in the street was the highlight for me. Their inner joy was flowing and it was precious to see them having so much fun.


  1. Love your pictures. Small town parades are awesome. We were sad to miss it this year. Glad you had such a fun time!

  2. The boys dancing in the street makes my heart smile :) So many fond memories of sitting with Jeremiah on the edge of the curb having a ball, waiting for more candy :)


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