Tuesday, August 2, 2011

People Watching

Tonight I snuck away to go do a little couponing and some regular shopping at Target after the kids were in bed and Jeremiah was home with them. I love shopping all alone sometimes. I feel like I can think more clearly and that I'm not on any one's time schedule except my own. I also love people watching. I should probably just be minding my own business but, I can't help it. I think I get it from my mom, she is a people watcher.

Usually the mothers and their children are the people that stand out to me the most. I love watching the calm mommy with many children, the mommy who's wearing a baby and has older children at her side, the mommy who is obviously trying to be patient but, who's children are having "a moment". It's fun to notice moms and kids because I can relate and if I haven't been there yet, I'm pretty sure that it'll be my turn soon enough. Some mothers are inspiring. I love to see the ones that follow through with discipline even though it causes the child to make a scene or the mother that is obviously having a great time with her kids.

Tonight I saw a few different moms that seemed like they were struggling and they weren't treating their children well. One of them had a child who was about Judah's age. She wasn't being nice to him at all and it made my heart ache. If she's talking to him like that in Target, what's going on at home? Another mom was out in the store with a brand-new itsy bity baby and a toddler. The baby was crying and she and her mom were trying to console it. I was in the store at 9pm and I couldn't help but wish that she was home with her new baby, nursing it and just enjoying the precious new life. Why are parents out in stores so late with grumpy kids? The parents are getting annoyed with their children for being grumpy but, the children are tired and it's not their fault. It just makes me sad to see children that aren't being treated well.

Seeing these things tonight reminded me that I need to be careful about the way I talk to Judah and Paisley and the way that I treat them. I want strangers to see me as a mom that is enjoying her children and trying to make the most of the days with them, even the difficult days. My heart is heavy for the little kids tonight that don't have a good family life.


  1. tonight I pray for the children you saw while shopping and thank God for giving you a tender heart for your dear children.
    Love, Mom

  2. I understand your thoughts. Until recently I saw exactly the same thing when I was out. I'd wonder how moms could interact with their children the way they were. I wondered why they were out with them so late. I wondered a lot of things...

    Recently God has shifted where I focus my attention. Now I wonder... who has talked to that mommy like that, so she doesn't know that it's not okay. I wonder if that young mom who is out with her mom is enjoying the very brief time she might have with her mom, because her mom lives thousands of miles away (my experience with my first two children) and is only here for a little time. I wonder how I got so blessed that my husband is home with my sleeping children so I could be out shopping without distraction.

    It's so good that your heart is tender for the children. It should be. Children receive much of the fallout of the brokenness in our own lives. I am so thankful for God's rich grace and mercy.


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