Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perfect Summer Day at the Beach

Lately I feel like I can sense how the clock of summertime is ticking away and we only have so many more beautiful weeks left until we are forced to spend more time inside. Right now, I'm taking for granted the fact that my house is always full of fresh air because the windows can be open. Since I know we won't have this beautiful weather too much longer, I have a major urge inside me to enjoy every bit of it as much as we can.

This morning I texted Sally to see if they'd like to meet us at an awesome beach that's less than 20 minutes from my house. She was on board so, we gathered our picnics and our kids and headed out.

As we were walking down to the beach, we saw these ladies painting. Their paintings were gorgeous and I thought it looked like they were having so much fun! I gathered up the nerve to ask them if I could take their picture.

A favorite friend of mine was at the beach with her son and their dog. It was so fun to run into them and be able to chat for awhile. I love living in a small community where running into friends is the norm!
Sally wore baby Levi and although he wasn't too crazy about it, he was awesome. I call him my ham sandwich because he is so big and sweet. He wanted to get down and play....soon Levi, soon!

 Paisley was in the Ergo. She fell asleep and took a nice nap because she wasn't able to take her morning nap before we left the house. I love her sleeping face.
 Judah and Noah found lots of sticks and pretended they were trumpets. 
 They also ran in the mud, threw the mud, put mud on their faces, stuck their sticks in the mud and did many other muddy things. It was all great, muddy, boy fun and honestly, I really do love watching Judah play like that. I makes my heart happy to see him so care-free and being such a kid.

 This beach is gorgeous. It energizes me to be able to enjoy this.

 My mom meet up with us there and she brought some blueberries from her friends yard. The boys had sand on their hands so, she was feeding them the blueberries.
 My mom took this picture of us. It reminds me a lot of a picture that was taken on my due date at the pumpkin patch. 

Before we headed out for our beach adventure, we were able to watch a big truck outside delivering some wood. It was such a thrill for Judah to be able to see that big truck right in front of our house. The truck even had a forklift and the driver got out and used that forklift to move the boards. Oh my! Such excitement at our house! It was almost tempting to go tell that driver how much he made my boys morning.


  1. What a wonderful day!!!

    THank you!!!

  2. i think that beach looks a lot like a beach I went to this week!


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