Monday, August 29, 2011

Today We.......

Today we......
Went to Sally's house, played and had lunch.
We came home and we all took a nap. I never nap but, today I needed it.
Judah played outside while I fixed dinner and spied on him (with my camera).
 Paisley played in her playpen and watched her Praise Baby movie.
 Judah and Paisley took a bath. Judah thinks Paisley is hilarious because she is CRAZY in the tub. The girl thinks she's a fish.
 I made Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites for our MOPS kick-off-the-season picnic tomorrow. 
 Jeremiah participated in the draft for his second fantasy football team. The draft for his first team was yesterday and they had a party for it. 
 I made a coupon swap box for our couponing group, "Connect and Save" to use and for the ladies to use at MOPS. I hope people really get into it and that it becomes a great resource for people to exchange coupons.


  1. Sounds like a good day! LOVE the coupon box, what a great idea!! THANK YOU :)

  2. LOVE the kids in the tub together! Isaac and Liam no longer fit :( The coupon box is perfect, Connect and Save is going to bless so many people :)


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