Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blah weekend!

Tonight I put clean sheets on our bed for the second night in a row and then a spider walked across the sheet and I squished it into the clean sheet with my clean finger. This almost made me smile because it was a perfect analogy of how our weekend has been. Thursday night I woke up in the middle of the night terribly sick and it continued into Friday. I was so thankful that Jeremiah was able to stay home with us because I don't think we would've survived without him.  The only downside was he tried to be nice and cook a pot roast with lots of onions, garlic and mushrooms in the crock pot. I might normally like how that smells but, to say it nicely, my crazy sensitive nose could hardly handle it this time.

Saturday I was feeling a little better so, we went and did some garage sale shopping. We found some super deals including cute jeans for $1 each and some designer brand baby clothes for Paisley for $1. I love garage sales! I spent the rest of Saturday cleaning the house and Jeremiah installed light fixtures in our downstairs living room. Have you ever been sick and although you're husband keeps the house fairly clean, you have a crazy urge to tidy everything up once you feel slightly better? Well, I probably overdid it on Saturday because Saturday night I got sick again and Jeremiah came down with it also and so did Judah.

Today Judah watched more TV than he usually does in a week because I was trying to keep him still so, he wouldn't be throwing up too much. I think we'll have a few days next week where we don't even turn the TV on to make up for it! We had some wonderful friends and family bring us a few things so, we didn't need to leave the house at all. I still feel crummy but, I can tell that I'm on the mend. I've had to give Paisley a few formula bottles because my milk supply went really low from being so sick. I really hope it bounces back because I'm not ready to be done nursing her.

She's been healthy and happy all weekend so, I'm thankful for that! This pint sized precious is on a mission to pull up wherever she can.
Her hair is getting longer and I'm totally in love with it. She pulls bows out now so, I won't be doing much with her hair for awhile but, I'm still enjoying watching it grow!

Tonight I'm hoping that Judah sleeps well and wakes up 100% healthy in the morning. It's time to have a good and fun week to make up for this weekend!


  1. HI
    I am so thankful you are feeling a little better. Little Paisley Rae is adorable and I like the longer hair. I agree, you are due for a fun filled healthy week!

    Yes, before and after I have been sick, I always want to tidy up my nest.

    Thanks for sharing even though you don't feel too great YET!

  2. I am so glad you are all on the mend :) TV really helps the boys when they are sick, too! Hope to see you all soon :)

  3. SO thankful you are feeling better. TV works better when they are sick when they don't get TV very much at other times. I know when my kids feel sick though, even TV is hard for them to pay attention to. I hope your week is wonderful and that everyone is feeling 100% by tomorrow!


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