Sunday, September 4, 2011

Berry Picking

This morning we went on a family blueberry picking adventure. Paisley wore her overalls and I thought she looked like the cutest little farm girl!
 I think she liked them also because she was checking herself out!
 Before we headed out, I took a few pictures of Judah and Paisley together. It's always the classic "brother squeezes sister as hard as possible". 
 Blueberry picking was awesome. The weather was perfect, the farm wasn't too busy and the berries were delicious. 

Judah helped us do some picking but, not too many made it into his bucket. The boy loves to eat berries.

 As Jeremiah was picking, he spotted a birds nest with a frog in it. 

 Judah loved seeing the frog in the nest.
 The blueberry farm had a little playground. We spent some time playing after we finished picking. Paisley loved being on this swing and I loved how happy her face was.
The berry farm also had a pet goat that the kids could feed. So fun!
 After feeding and watching the goat for awhile, Paisley was pulling herself through the grass on her tummy. Of course, Judah had to join her. 
Tonight I'm thankful that we still have 3 full days left of our family "staycation". Jeremiah has been getting a ton of yard work done and I've been working on a few things outside and trying to keep up with the inside stuff as well. Take note, I said "trying". I so often want to be all caught up on everything and be able to do everything that sounds fun, interesting or seems necessary. I want to craft, blog, keep the house clean, spend time with my kids, spend time with my husband, spend time with God, coupon, work outside, work on misc. projects.....I could go on and on. Basically, I'm going to come back to a saying that my dear friend Cami said "There's enough time in the day to do everything that God wants you to do".


  1. So glad J spotted that birds nest with the frog...really like that picture...never saw anything like that before!! Love your happy happy...precious family!!!
    Love, Mom

  2. i love paisley's farm girl outfit, the shot of the blueberry close up (wow!) and the SO amazing find of the frog in a nest! So cool!

  3. As I have been reading your posts I have thought about what a beautiful peaceful season you are in right now. Love it. Have a wonderful last couple of days of vacation. Staycations can be AWESOME, especially if you don't answer the phone or read email.


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