Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fred Meyer Trip and Worshiping with Judah

A fun thing for my husband and I is having "our shows". In other words, it's fun for us if we have certain shows that we watch together on a regular basis. When I was growing up, we didn't have a TV in our house so, I'm not a big TV person but, I do enjoy having a show that I watch with Jeremiah. During the day, I very rarely ever watch anything for me. I actually wish I was better about staying up to date with the news and current events. I swear I am so out of the loop but, I honestly don't even know how to stay in the loop!

Tonight one of our shows starts so, I'm just going to do a quick blog for the sake of documenting daily life. I thought I'd share the worst and best parts of my day. By far the least favorite part of my day today was our shopping trip at Fred Meyer.

Recently Judah has been doing great sitting in the big basket of the shopping cart and Paisley sits buckled into the front. Well, today he was messing with the groceries way too much, taking all the produce out of the bags and being too wild so, I told him he could walk with me but, that he needed to hold onto the shopping cart. Well, that didn't work. He kept running off and he wouldn't listen. He was pushing the cart into things when I was trying to grab groceries and it was a disaster.

I decided that we needed to find a car cart because I could buckle both of them in, side by side. We trudged all through the store, finally found one and I loaded all of our groceries and Judah and Paisley into the car cart. Once everything was loaded into the new cart, I tried to push it and it barely moved. I wasn't about to put everything back into the old cart so, I pushed on. I don't know what was wrong with it but, let me tell you, I got my workout pushing that thing today! Judah had some major two year old attitude and he kept on squeezing Paisley too tight so, she started screeching and I needed to hold her. I pushed this broken car cart through Fred Meyer with one hand and we survived. When we were almost out to the car, I took a second look at my receipt and saw that the checker messed something up. Did I mention I had coupons? I'm determined to be able to coupon shop with my kids but, it sure does require extra brain power. We headed back into the store, stood in line at the Customer Service, got things fixed and then finally got home 2 hours after our normal nap time. So, that was the least favorite part of the day for sure. 
Note to self for next time: Wear Paisley and buckle Judah in the front. It's always worked in the past and if it's not broken, don't fix it.

The BEST part of the day was worshiping tonight at church with Judah in my arms. Kim was sweet enough to be in the nursery with Paisley so, I was able to give Judah my full attention and although it was challenging for him to sit still for an hour, holding him and singing was so precious. Tonight, there was more music than normal and having him there with me was so sweet, especially after his challenging behavior earlier in the day. When I'm one on one with him, I realize how young he still is but, it's so easy to forget that when Paisley is around. I'm thankful they are close in age but, 21 months apart really isn't much and he was still so young when she was born. Anyway-holding him and singing tonight made my day.


  1. thank you for sharing your day...and not just the "good" part. I like the way you write very much.

    I think enjoying music with our kids is one of the sweetest things there is.

  2. Oh boy...could we sit down and swap worst trips to the grocery store - geesh! Glad the day ended on a good note. There is something about singing praise with your kids that is so amazing!

  3. So glad that the day ended well. It would have been tempting after you day to not head out for something else. So glad the worship was positive after the rough shopping experience!


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