Monday, September 19, 2011

Out of the mouth of Judah

Tonight Judah and I were praying together before I put him to bed. I held him on my lap and we held hands as I prayed for various special people in our lives. Next, I asked him who he wanted to pray for. He responded with "Rosie!" and he prayed "Dear Jesus, thank you for Rosie! In Jesus name, Amen." It's easy for me to get intimidated when it comes to teaching him about God. I worry that I won't know how to correctly answer his questions or that I won't teach him everything he should know. But, when we prayed together tonight and I heard him pray for his little dog, it encouraged me..... he's beginning to understand.
As we were driving home from church on Sunday I asked Judah what he did in his class and if he had a snack. "Yes, I had vitamins! Fruit snack vitamins!" Judah has gummy vitamins every morning and we never buy fruit snacks so, I guess I can understand how fruit snacks would seem like vitamins. 
This morning Paisley ate all her toast and as Judah was finishing his, I said "Wow, I have such good kids!" Judah relies with "I'm a boy kid." I asked "What kind of kid is Paisley?".  He paused and then thoughtfully said "Hmmmmm.....Let's See." These days, that's his response if he's really thinking about something.
Today we spent most of the day at home getting caught up on things and playing. Judah raced around the house on his firetruck and Paisley pushed him. He loves when she pushes him and I love it when they get along and play well together. She's so sweet and she tries so hard to push him on that thing. She's tiny compared to him but, she's determined! The moments when they are sweet with each other make up for the hundreds of times that I've had to tell him to be gentle with her.
 Paisley has started to want to eat mostly finger foods so, I spent a good amount of time today cooking up some stuff that I'll be easily able to pull out of the freezer for her to eat. I made pancakes with zucchini and homemade applesauce in them and pumpkin and zucchini bread. Often she eats what the rest of us eat but, sometimes what we're having isn't something she can have so, it's nice to have easy stuff on hand for her.
Judah put these pink sunglasses on his head and was wearing them like a head band. It was totally cracking me up. I'm sure he won't be crazy about these pictures when he's a teenager but, whatever! It was cute. 

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  1. I love how you are documenting the cute conversations you are having with J. They are precious. I wish I'd done more of that when mine were that age. Still could with Gracie.


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