Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 24th-Worldwide Day of Play

When I read about the opportunity to blog about the Worldwide Day of Play-Turn off the TV and play outside, I had to jump on it. Playing outside with my kids is something close to my heart and a priority of mine. I grew up spending most of my day outdoors playing with my sister. We didn't even have a TV until I was older elementary age. We lived on a river, played in the mud and helped my mom in the garden. We also had animals and played outside with our animals.

Now I'm raising my kids and although we don't live on a river and we don't live out in the country, we make the most of our back yard and I smile inside when I see my son outside, playing creatively with sticks, rocks, dirt and his trucks. When we moved into this house, I was disappointed that we didn't have a lot of big trees and that we didn't have a big fancy swing set. Now I've learned that kids don't need all the best and fancy outdoor "stuff" to be able to play well. They just need to be outside and have the opportunity to use their imaginations. I read awhile back that it's so important to let kids play outside, on their own so, they have the opportunity to make up their own games and play creatively. I've tried to be mindful to let Judah play independently while still keeping an eye on him for safety. I notice that when he's playing by himself, he is a better problem solver and he has a chance for his imagination to take over. Sometimes he sings and talks to himself while he walks around the yard and I just love to hear that!

As a family, we enjoy going to the beach or going for a walk on a trail in the woods. We don't do these things nearly enough but, every time we go on an adventure outside, we always have so much fun. Sometimes we pack a picnic dinner and have dinner at the beach instead of eating at home and I love it. We pack paper plates and plastic forks so, we don't have any dishes and the kitchen stays clean. I've noticed that when we've spent a day playing outside, it makes me feel like we deserve it so much more when we sit down and relax with the TV on later.

Since today is the Worldwide Day of Play, I encourage you to turn off the TV, put your kids in play clothes and encourage them to play creatively outdoors. You can check out the Clorox2 Play 2Day Pledge with this link, and your family can join in with the outdoor fun. It's raining pretty hard at our house this morning and we have plans to go to a friends house but, we might try to fit a little puddle jumping walk in before we go. A little rain never hurt a child and fresh air always helps the attitude.

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  1. Love this post!
    "I'm singing in the rain"
    "somewhere out there is a puddle just for you"! (quote from Grandma Dotti) X X X X X X X X X


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