Friday, September 9, 2011

Show Us Your Life Friday-How I keep My Children's Artwork

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life Friday. The theme is "How do you scrapbook or keep your kids artwork"? I'd like to share what our system is although it's very simple. I know that we haven't even begun to reach the peek of child related paperwork and artwork so, this is just what's working for us for now. I'm sure once we hit the pre-school and elementary years, the amount of paper and crafts will go way up.

Currently at two and a half, Judah isn't super big on doing art projects but, we still do them sometimes and then I like to enjoy them on the fridge for awhile. I don't keep all of them, honestly some go right in the garbage if I know it wasn't special to him or if it wasn't anything too important. The ones that are particularly special go into a plastic tub. When this tub is full, I'll sort through it and determine if some of the things need to be thrown away or maybe given to Grandma. My plan is to keep all his special artwork in a labeled tub in the garage. I know some people take pictures of all the projects and then make a scrapbook from that. Although I'm not into clutter and I love getting rid of stuff, I know that I couldn't bear to throw some of this projects away. Some day I'll be thankful to have a few of the scribbled on papers to enjoy. When Paisley starts "making pictures", we'll most likely have the same system for her things and as they grow and change, my system will have to grow and change with them.

I'm trying to always remember to write the date and any special notes on the project. I know I won't remember because I already forget when some of his things were made! 

How do you store your child's special projects? 
If you have older children, is there anything you wish you did differently when they were younger?


  1. Good idea!! I can't bear to throw away the artwork my 2 1/2 year does either!!

  2. You are so smart for labelling the back. I had to learn that lesson the hard way! Liam and Isaac each have an art holder (the huge ones that are supposed to hold all twelve years of school). The holders are awesome, however...we filled Isaac's during preschool. I save all their projects from school then go through it at the end of the year. We take pictures of the 3-d work. Preschool has a TON of artwork, Kindergarten has ALOT (from what I have heard) and then it drastically drops off from there. I am NOT a fan of clutter - plastic bins ROCK :)

  3. I am just so thankful that we did many art and cooking projects when you girls were little. I only wish I had kept more of them. I have heard of some Moms making calendars of some of their children's art work and I like that. ...I am sure that Grandmas would like that (ha ha!)


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