Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We didn't have plans to go anywhere but, the thought of staying home sounded so....blah. I feel like we get into patterns of running around a lot and when it's time for a day at home, I get down and worry that they day will be so long.

Even though I can feel down about a day at home, in my heart I know it's best. My kids are super young and I could run around all day if I choose to but, I know that's not best for us. Being home and enjoying my children and enjoying our home together is best. We need simplicity. If I'm too busy to sit and read books, to play with Judah and Paisley on the floor, then something's gotta give. 

Today we played. We also organized toys because that needed to be done and it makes me happy. I put Judah's toys away where they belong and Paisley pulled all the books off the shelf. It's a vicious cycle isn't it? Judah didn't watch any TV, he played with his trucks and made a huge pile with all the blankets he could find.

During nap time, I took my dried sweet peas out of their pods and put the seeds into a bag to save for giving to friends. Sure, seeds aren't expensive to buy but, it's so much more fun to grow seeds from a friends plant!

When we bought this house, I had some sadness with the absolute lack of plants that this property has. To be exact, when we first moved here, there was ONE thing growing on our lot, a big tree. That's all...Oh, and many weeds, where the grass should've been growing. I've probably mentioned it like 100 times on my blog but, I'm pretty much obsessed with needing to have something in the middle of our dining room table. It looks totally naked to me without flowers. The idea isn't to always have flowers from the store on the table, I actually prefer to have flowers and plants from outside on our table. I'm thankful that most of what we've planted has stayed alive and is growing well. 

Today I picked some mums, rosemary, lavender, a sweet pea and some sort of geranium from outside. God is so good, He cares about the small things, even my need to have plants from the yard on our table. 

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