Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness-Days 7 & 8

If you've been following along, you'll know that our family is doing a "31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness" challenge for the month of October. Basically we are trying to do one kind thing everyday that isn't something we normally do and whenever possible, we're trying to include Judah in it. I want to instill the value of doing something nice for someone else in him at a young age and I also want him to see how much fun it can be. 

The plan for yesterday was to take some cookies to a senior center where my mom works but, that plan quickly changed when Paisley woke up sick....still. It was a super rough morning of her fussing and not feeling well. I called my sister to vent and she suggested that she come get Judah and take him for the day. I'm not exaggerating when I say that she totally turned my day around. I've felt guilty for what a boring week Judah has had and by him spending the day with Sally and her family, he ended up finishing off the week with a super fun day. They went and played at our friend Rachelle's house, then had lunch at Sally's house and she even got him to nap on her living room floor. She's a super aunt, for sure. When he came home last night, he ate a way bigger dinner than normal, he was tired but, he was so happy. It was obvious that he had a really fun and full day. 

Even though our Random Act of Kindness for day #7 got postponed, Sally was such a huge example. Want to do something extra nice for someone? Take care of their kids for free and don't just "sorta" take care of them, do a really great job, it'll be such a good break for the mom.
I've had a coupon for a free full size container of ice cream from Safeway sitting in my purse for awhile. Today I decided that I mine as well do my grocery shopping at Safeway and I could give someone my coupon for my Random Act of Kindness Day #8. The coupon has no strings attached, it's completely free and it's not even a weird brand, this should be easy right? Everyone likes ice cream and it doesn't get better than free so ready, set, go! I walked down the ice cream isle and saw a nice older lady looking at the ice cream. I don't remember exactly what I said but, it was something like "I have this coupon for a free container of ice cream and I wasn't planning on using it. Would you like it?" She gave me a strange look and said "It's not my brand." Ok.....denied. I figured that maybe she cared more about what kind of ice cream that she eats than I do and I gathered up the nerve to ask someone else. Keep in mind, I had Paisley on my hip, milk, eggs, cheese, cereal and coffee in the cart. I don't think I looked like much of a suspicious character. 

A little later I saw a friendly looking mom with two daughters. She smiled at Paisley, she caught my eye and I figured that sure, she and her girls would like the free ice cream coupon. I smiled and said something like "Hi, I have this coupon for free ice cream that I wasn't going to use. Can I give it to you?" Well, she looked at me weird and said "No". Maybe she said "No Thanks". I honestly don't remember because I seriously felt like crying. I know, how silly is that??!! But, I put myself out there to try and make someone happy and apparently, giving away free ice cream is WAY harder than I thought it would be. I ended up using the ice cream coupon myself, even though I can't even eat the stupid stuff. :) I'm not really bitter, it was just surprising how I couldn't get someone to take it.

It made me wonder, what would I do if someone offered me a coupon for a free container of ice cream? Honestly, I think I would take it. Would you? If someone is just trying to be nice and there aren't any strings attached, I don't see what the problem is. We've had nice "Grandma" type strangers give us un-opened bags of cookies and I always thought how sweet that was. When a lady did that for us, I talked with Judah about how nice she was to give that to him. 

Later today, the boy scouts came knocking on our door. It happened to be a nice boy that goes to our church so, I bought a little something from him so, that ended up being the Random Act of Kindness for day #8, even though I wanted it to be giving someone the ice cream coupon. 

This Random Act of Kindness challenge is interesting. It's opening my eyes a little to the way that people respond to things. It's also showing me how hard it can be to reach out to people. It's fun and challenging, especially when people look at you weird and say "It's not my brand". So tell me, would you have taken the coupon?


  1. i would have taken the ice cream! :) how thoughtful of you that you tried so hard. I wonder if Jesus feels like that sometimes when He gives us good gifts. You just taught me something very important in that story...look for the random acts of kindness and appreciate them, and be sure to be doing them too!
    Also, i LOVE your new blog header!

  2. I totally would have taken the coupon! I never turn down free stuff!

  3. I would've loved the coupon ... and my daughters would've been ecstatic LOL! We've actually found coupons on a few separate occasions on the shelf and in the ice cream aisle, tucked right next to the item it was for ... such a fun treat! Sorry your RAK didn't go so well ... maybe next time ...


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