Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad Mommy Moment and Random Act of Kindness Day #11

Today has been a fun and full day. This morning we had MOPS and it was super great to see everybody. Then we did a bunch of stuff around the house and went grocery shopping. While we were shopping, I wore Paisley in the Ergo on my back. Shopping like that was almost effortless. The whole time I was wondering, why haven't I been doing this every time we grocery shop? Normally they drive a car cart together but, Judah is notorious for being too rough with her and he always makes her cry in the store. A sensitive girl and a rough big brother is a dangerous combination but, today when she was on my back, it was awesome!

I have to share one of my worst mommy moments that happened this evening. I was bringing groceries up the stairs in our house while Judah and Paisley were having snacks. She was strapped into the highchair so, I had the baby gate at the top of the stairs open. After their snack, Judah saw his new shoes from I&L (thanks!!!) and he was super excited to put them on. He hasn't been interested in putting his own shoes on so, I was super excited when I saw that he put these shoes on almost perfectly all by himself. I was watching him, smiling on the inside that he was putting on his own shoes and getting Paisley cleaned up from her snack. I put her down on the floor and then sat down to help Judah with his shoe and talk about how cool they were. I heard a "THUMP" and then Paisley started crying. Yes.....I left the baby gate open and she fell down the stairs. SO BAD of me!!!!! I checked her out and she is totally fine. She got over it super fast and seemed more scared than hurt. I've never forgotten to close the baby gate before and I doubt I'll ever forget again. So scary!
We have a great Grandma that we rarely see. I know how much she loves to receive mail so, for today's Random Act of Kindness, I sent her a card and a few pictures. 
I've been thinking that I might start to water mark my pictures. I can't stand the thought of anyone ever printing them off without my permission. I love blogging but, my families privacy is important to me. I know that was kind of random but, I felt like it needed to be said. 

Good Night!


  1. When Daniel had just turned one we were at my in-laws and he fell down the stairs. They don't have gate and we don't have stairs at home. It scared me. Kids are so much more resilient than we think they should be. Still... so scary. So thankful that P is fine!

  2. I had a moment when Isaac rolled off our bed (you know how HIGH our bed is...) Super scary! Their little bodies seem to just know how to roll. So glad she is OK! Your pictures are so beautiful. I feel like I have to steal them ALL - do I have your permission? hahahahahahaha :)

  3. hmmm
    seems like we all have had that scarey time with our little ones at least once...
    I am remembering the time you rolled off the changing table. Fortunately, I sort of caught you!


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