Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In- Fall Leaves Centerpiece

This is my third and final post for today, I promise. You'd think I have nothing better to do, sometimes I wish.....just kidding! 
During nap time, I stepped out to the mail box and ended up gathering up a bunch of leaves. Am I the only one who finds them too beautiful to just leave them laying on the ground?
Well, I brought them inside with me and washed them off because I'm not really into have little creepy crawly things in my house. After they were rinsed off and dry, I put them in this big glass jar with some orange tissue paper scrunched up under them. I had some of this orange ribbon left over from Paisley's party and I tied it around the rim. 
Now we can enjoy the leaves on our table, not just from the window!


  1. love the, I stepped outside (in bathrobe) to retrieve a leaf that is about 1' wide!!!
    I flattened it out on the counter under a book and then remembered how we would iron leaves between wax paper (which was placed between towels) to preserve thing to do with children!

  2. I like the idea of the leaves in a jar,maybe a big candle would look nice in the middle too


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