Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do Everything

I came across this video tonight and it was just what I needed to hear! Being a mommy can sometimes seem so monotonous but, it's the most important job that us mommies will ever have. I'll be rocking out to this song tomorrow while I'm sweeping, doing laundry and doing all those other jobs that can get so old and boring. Hopefully this song encourages someone tonight!

P.S. The Random Act of Kindness for day #16 was making up silly jokes and writing them on the baggies that hold my hubby's lunch. While I packed his lunch, I made up my own (maybe stupid) jokes and then wrote them on the sandwich bag, yogurt container etc. Hopefully he'll laugh tomorrow but, even if he doesn't, he'll know he was thought of. 


  1. my brother sent me that song on a day I really needed it. ilove it.

  2. thanks...going to work...such an encouragement. at church, yesterday, it was said "encouragement = giving someone courage"

  3. And this song was exactly what I needed this morning to get out of my "funk". Thank you Angela, and Thank you God!

  4. I needed this song today! Thank you for reminding me that it is all important - wiping poopy butts and all! Jeremiah will LOVE your silly jokes! Now, off to round up some stray cherrios :)


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