Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Baking and Freschetta WINNER!

At our house, it really feels like fall today. It's rainy and chilly outside, we've been baking loaves of pumpkin bread to stick in the freezer all morning and chicken taco soup is in the crock pot. My all time favorite pumpkin, banana, zucchini or any other type of quick bread recipe is here, on the Joy of Baking website. Technically, this recipe is for banana bread but, I always substitute pumpkin or whatever and it always turns out. 

I was looking at my post from last night and I realized that I forgot to upload a picture of the Caramel Apples that Jeremiah and I made. It's not really important but, here you go! 
Now, onto something EXCITING!!! The Freschetta Pizza Giveaway is now over and the WINNER (courtesy of was comment #9, Tia S. who said "My favorite pizza has to be a new one in our house. I was out of toppings (figures, right?!) and only had black olives and mushrooms, so that was our pizza. It. was. so. good! :)" 

Congratulations Tia! Please contact me within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. 


  1. Angela - I was going to bake banana bread today and then realized I didn't have milk like my usual recipe calls for. Then I remembered this post and checked out the recipe. You saved the day and a trip to the store. I literally just pulled out my mini loaves of banana bread. The big loaf is still baking away. They look fantastic and smell amazing! Thank you!! Have a wonerful day!

  2. So glad you remembered this post. Let me know how your bread turns out!! I love that recipe!

  3. It was delicious! Today Nick was just telling me how amazing it was and asked what happened to the other loaves because we don't have much left. Unfortunately for him I gave 3 of the mini loaves away. Needless to say we will be making this recipe again.

  4. Glad it turned out!!! Are you sure you gave them away and didn't just eat them?? Just kidding! :)


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