Saturday, October 22, 2011

A List

Thanks to my husband, I just spent 40 minutes getting ready in the bathroom by myself and it felt like such a treat. As I was getting ready, I was thinking about my pre-mommy days. Just a few years ago, I used to spend about an hour each morning getting ready for work. Things sure have changed! These days, I'm lucky if I get to shower each day! Tonight I'm going to a Ladies Night Out Clothing Exchange. I've never been to one of these before but, it was a great excuse to go through my closet and hopefully I'll come home with some fun new things. 

We've had a busy day and tomorrow is Paisley's party so, I don't have much time to blog tonight. However, I  do want to take a couple minutes and share a list of a few things I plan to blog about this week. I just love lists. Even if I can't do all the things on the list right now, it feels so good to get my thoughts out of my head and written down.
MOPS Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
 So. Much. Fun.
 Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffles. 
 Oreo or Butterfinger Covered Caramel Apples. 
While we were making these, I just kept wondering why we don't make these more often. 
Honestly, I don't know if I've ever made these before and that's ridiculous! 

 Paisley's Party. My baby is one and I'm a little emotional about it! 
 Pink and Orange Cupcakes. 
I. Love. Color.

Ok, now that I've made my list of "blogs to do", I feel much better. Tonight I plan on having fun with my friends and then I'll come home and most likely shed some tears about Paisley turning one. On both of Judah's Birthday's, I've sat outside his room after he was asleep, prayed and prayed for him, while balling my eyes out. Seeing your baby get older is so bitter sweet. 


  1. Man, those covered caramel apples look delicious!!!

    I love the pink and orange color theme for the party! Very pretty and festive.

    A clothing exchange sounds like a lot of fun! So does a day out with a MOPS group. I really need to get find a MOPS group near me....

  2. so beautiful...eager to see in person

  3. K-Here is a link to find a MOPS group in your area! I HIGHLY recommend MOPS. It's such a great way to spend time with other moms and encourage one another. I hope you can find one in your area.

  4. just lovely! I absolutely love the balloon idea. I should try that with all of ours at our next party. the cupcakes look delectable, as do the caramel apples. great job!


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