Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness-Making my hubby his favorite dinner

A few days ago, Jeremiah and I were watching The Pioneer Woman's show that plays on The Food Network. I love her show........Anyway, she was making a pot roast and although I'm not a huge pot roast fan, the way she cooked it looked fairly easy and actually, pretty yummy. 

For today's Random Act of Kindness, I cooked my husband one of his all time favorite dinners, slow cooked pot roast with onions and carrots. I used my Grandma's dutch oven, followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe and it was actually delicious!!! Jeremiah loved it and it made me happy to cook something different for him. The carrots turned out perfect, Judah and Paisley gobbled them up. 

I'm still in the first phase of the South Beach diet and during the first phase, you are allowed to eat meat and lots of vegetables, among other things so, I was able to eat the roast and the cooked carrots. What is your husbands favorite dinner? When was the last time you cooked it for him?


  1. your dinner sounds delicious and your family photos here on your blog are absolutely wonderful.

  2. Pretty sure Ben would say his favorite dinner is shephards pie. It's the one that when he finds out I'm making it, he actually gets really excited. I made it about a month or so ago, and now that the weather is getting colder it will probably be more often!

  3. My hubby's dinner is roast and mashed potatoes with LOTS and LOTS of gravy. I'm not a huge fan. I just love that your random act of kindness was towards your hubby. So sweet. I'm convinced one of my hubby's love languages is food!

  4. I love hearing what your husband's favorite dinners are. Sally, I think
    Jeremiah would really like shepherds pie, like Ben does. Cami, I think Jeremiah would LOVE the mashed potatoes with loads of gravy!


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