Thursday, October 27, 2011

Visit with a Friend

This morning Judah had one of his friends over to play so, his mommy could have a little break. Seeing Judah play with his friends is so fun for me. The boys used to just play side by side otherwise known as "parallel play" but, now they talk to each other, make up funny games and really entertain each other. These boys shared so well and I was so pleased with both of them. 

I fixed them a snack and before our snack I asked Judah if he wanted to pray for us. He bowed his head, closed his eyes and said "Dear Jesus, thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Daddy, at work. Thank you for "N" come over. Thank you for his mommy, "C". Thank you for his sister "L". In Jesus name, Amen". Of course, he used their real names but, I always feel funny sharing that stuff on my blog. Anyway, he prayed for those people all on his own, without me saying anything about it to him. So often I feel like I could be doing 100 things better as a mommy but, when I heard him pray like that today, I knew I must be doing something right. Being a mommy of a two year old is crazy. One minute I'm completely exasperated and worried about how I don't think he even likes his sister. Then the next minute, I have happy tears in my eyes when I see what a tender heart he has.

Before naptime, Paisley was playing on the floor with Rosie. I couldn't help but take some pictures because I thought they were so cute.

 The pictures of her reminded me so much of when Judah was almost that same age and he was on the floor with Rosie. These are the ones of Judah, from a long time ago.


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