Thursday, October 6, 2011

What We've Been Up To

For memories sake and for personal therapy, I'm in need of a "What We've Been Up To" post. It's been a super strange week. Motherhood is full of highs and lows, isn't it? And the truth is, it's always going to be that way, even when they are all grown up.

I started the South Beach diet on Monday. There, I said it, out in the open, on my blog. Now I'm really going to have to do a good job because apparently, people read this thing and now their going to know that I'm really trying to shed the rest of my Paisley pounds. So far, I'm doing well. No cheating is allowed, especially during the first two weeks. I've wanted to do The South Beach for awhile but, I've held off because I was afraid that my milk supply for nursing Paisley would disappear. Lately I've been trying to think what is more important, me continuing to nurse her past her first Birthday or me being at a healthy weight and really feeling good about myself. I've asked myself "If Paisley was in my shoes, what would I tell her???". Well, since she is less than 3 weeks away from her first Birthday, I'm going on my diet. I've nursed her for a long time and I plan on continuing but, if she's also taking a bottle a few times a day, it's not something that I'm going to stress over. So there's the nitty gritty of what's going on in my personal life. :)
Paisley woke up at 4am today her fever at 103.4 so, we were back at the Doctor this morning. He said that her throat looks especially red and he tested for strep throat. The test came back negative so, he's expecting that she should be feeling better really soon. It's been a long week of doing almost nothing and having a fussy baby. The non-stop fussing has been wearing on my nerves and I'm feeling guilty for what a boring week Judah has had. You know what though????? I am SO proud of him. He is such a little stinker sometimes but, both times that he's came with Paisley and I to the Doctor, his behavior has been nearly angelic. Seriously, he has been amazing even with her sister sitting next to him screaming. I'm just so proud of him. 
For our 31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness challenge, we are going to back some cookies today and then take them to the senior center that my mom works at tomorrow. I've been afraid to bake these cookies because we've been home so much this week and with the stress of Paisley being sick, I've been afraid that I might just give in and have a good cry while I ate the whole batch of cookies. Today I've decided that those sweet elderly people need the cookies more than I do and will power will have to taste sweet enough. My house is messy so, once I get it under control, I plan on making the cookies. I'll post the recipe and pictures if they turn out. 

Alright, kids are napping and I should really do something besides sit here while I enjoy the silence. Bye, Bye!


  1. I am so proud of you for starting south beach again! You already look gorgeous but I know carrying the extra weight is such a personal battle, I have struggled!!! Liam is almost 4...I really have NO excuse! Please do not hate me for bring Linda W. a b-day treat for us to share at the DGL mtg. So glad you may be able to come :) Hoping we can have a little laughter therapy :)

  2. Angela, I admire you for doing the diet! Have you had success with it before? I still want to lose my last 10-15 lbs from Cade and they just won't budge! I hope it works for you! Hugs!

  3. Also, you are seriously beautiful! :) I'm not just saying that... but, I know how self esteem can be affected by those baby lbs... I am still frustrated with myself. Hopefully, I figure out a plan for me too!


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