Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beating the Blues and Random Acts of Kindness Wrap Up

This morning I woke up kind of feeling down. I tried to get over it and figure out what the source of my problem was but, I wasn't ever able to figure it out. I guess it was just one of those days. To try and beat the blues, I took the kids out for a long walk. We seriously live in a beautiful area. I feel like we are so blessed to live where it's green and we can enjoy the seasons. It was chilly while we were out walking but, the sun was shining and Judah had a blast collecting leaves. 

 After we got back from our walk, we colored with fall colored markers on paper and then glued the leaves onto the paper. It was fun and now Judah has a homemade fall decoration on his door.
After the kids napped, we bundled up and met my sister at the playground.
Paisley was warm with me and the boys had a great time running around. November temperatures don't even phase them.
My sister took a few pictures of us with my camera. I just love my sassy little girl. She's a fire cracker but, man, she's a lot of fun. Just tonight, she was taking 4 or 5 steps all on her own. She's going to be running in no time! 

 October 31st was the last day of our 31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness. Even though the month ended and we finished the challenge, I don't feel like we are "done". It was a great training tool for me to learn to be more intentional in looking for simple ways to help others and shine a light for Jesus. Almost everyday, there is something small (or big!) that can be done for someone else. I learned that it doesn't have to be expensive. I think all it takes is having your heart in the right place and praying for God to show you how He wants to us you.  
So, as I think back over the month, here are a few of the things that I thought were the most fun.........
•Buying the mini-van mom in line behind me a cup of coffee.
•Sending a card to someone I hadn't seen in awhile (she ended up calling me, coming over and we had a great visit!)
•Taking dinner to a friend that was having a hard day.
•Sharing veggies from my Dad's garden with a neighbor. That one took me out of my comfort zone but, it was good.
•Giving some kids in need some of my kids clothes.
•Taking cookies to my moms work with Judah and Paisley.

October was a good month. Although we'll always be a work in progress, trying to be intentional about doing something nice for someone was a good habit to form. Now we're trying to remember to be thankful. Since I was in such a bummer mood earlier today, I literally had to say "Thank you Jesus that I have toilets to scrub. Thank you Jesus that I have kids to get crumbs on the floor". Saying those things out loud while I was cleaning during nap time actually really helped. 
A couple of you said that you might make a Thankful Banner for your house. Did you do it? What are you thankful for today?


  1. today, I am thankful, first of all, for family!!!

    next, I am thankful for music...especially praise music that always encourages me .

    today, I happened to hear "O glorious day" by casting crowns. it is wonderful song

  2. I love Judah's haircut. He looks so grown up!


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