Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Block Party Sponsored by Mega Bloks

A few weeks ago, I came home to find a huge box of toys on our front porch. Mega Bloks  had sent us everything we needed to have a fun play date, complete with new blocks to play with, individual sets of blocks to send home with our friends and even a door prize that Mega Bloks is sending to one of our guests. We love having friends over to play so, we quickly jumped onto the block party bandwagon. 

We started our play date by opening the Large Tubtown Farm. The kids got super excited and blocks started flying around everywhere. We had 5 kids at our party. One of them was 3 years old, two of them were 2 years old and two of them were 1 year olds. These are very energetic ages and the house was buzzing with activity! 

 A chicken!
The tub town came complete with stickers, a farmer, a tractor and animals for the farm. We affectionately named our farmer, Farmer Joe. I think it fits him perfectly. 

 After the kids played around with the blocks, we took a snack break. We had "stack-able" snacks, to go with our block theme. Cheese, crackers and (not pictured) baby oranges.

 After the kids ate some of their healthy food, they each got a Turkey Pop that I made. I'll be blogging about these tomorrow.

 You can take one look at Judah's face and see that he enjoyed his Turkey Pop!
 After we had our snacks, we got serious with our building. We brought out the instructions that came with the Mega Bloks and we got busy. The instructions were easy to follow and we tried to involve the kids by having them help us count out the blocks that we needed.

 Ta Da!!! We completed the farm and I must say, isn't it cute???
 Judah took care of Farmer Joe and helped bring him home, to his farm.

The kids had a great time playing together. When they were ready to go home, they each got to take a container of Mega Bloks home with them. A few of our other friends were scheduled to join us but, they ended up getting sick. We missed them but, we saved some Mega Bloks for them. 
Thank you Mega Bloks for a fun party and thank you sweet friends, for coming to play with us. 
 We had a great time!


  1. How did you get the connection to be able to do that?

  2. LOVE the pictures! So sad to have missed the fun, stupid cold!

    Thank you for saving us some blocks, Liam and Isaac will be thrilled!

    The stack-able treats were a great addition :)


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