Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute Pictures and Paper Bag Flowers

Today my friends little girl came and stayed with us. Judah and Paisley always love to have company and the three kids played really well together today. While she was here, I couldn't help but bring my camera out. This little girl is so pretty and she loved getting her picture taken.

 She kept on looking at me, flashing a big smile and saying "CHEESE!".
 Rosie got loves of attention today. I love the baby under her arm and how she's giving Rosie a big kiss. So sweet.
Last week my husband worked 82 hours....yes, in a WEEK. It was exhausting for all of us and I've been trying to keep my attitude positive while parenting solo. Tonight was another long night so, after I got the kids to bed, I crafted. I have something in me that gives me the urge to "create". I'm not the most crafty person around but, creating things and making my house into our home, calms me and helps me find joy, on even the long days. 
Recently, I saw a tutorial on 52 Mantals for a "Lunch Bag Flower. Tonight I brewed some tea, put on some calm music, I even lit a candle and then I got busy making a few of those paper lunch bag flowers to decorate a mirror that we have hanging in our hallway. These flowers won't be a year-around decoration but, I think they're a cute fall/Thanksgiving decoration.

I'm off to go read in bed now. I started reading a parenting book a few nights ago and I'm really enjoying it. I feel like my perspective on mothering is getting refreshed and I needed that. If anything my confidence as a mommy grows when I read a good book and a boost of confidence definitely never hurts, especially when it comes to mothering! 


  1. Hi!
    I really like the paper bag flowers!!
    Love to see something so pretty come out of such a common thing as a bag!
    I can see your kids are learning to share their home already!

  2. Love the cute paper bag garland. I just might need to make one or two. Great idea!

    By the way, that's a crazy number of hours. I'm sorry. I hope he isn't salaried, like my hubby, and is actually getting paid for all those hours!

  3. Thanks for showing me your fun projects! I love how they turned out! They're on my fb page now :)


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