Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back

Today was a pretty laid back day for us. Paisley woke up at her normal time, the old 7:30am, the NEW 6:30am. She was getting tired and grumpy by the time we were trying to leave for church so, Jeremiah and Judah ended up going, while I stayed home with her. It was one of those times were I knew that church would be challenging with her and although I was sad to not be there, I felt like it was best. 

I'm not a big fan of day light savings time and I think it must be a personality thing. I guess I don't do well with change. I'm not sure why I'm that way but, that's just how I am. I don't like that it gets dark super early now and it feels later than it is. Wow, what a Downer Debby I am!!

This afternoon I went on a couponing trip to Rite Aid. I got 2 free toothpastes, 2 free toothbrushes, a free pack of "girl stuff" and a free bottle of Keri lotion. I paid tax on all those items but, that was it. Coupon shopping is pretty fun and I'm getting excited to talk about it with my MOPS group on Tuesday. 

After dinner tonight, Jeremiah and Judah worked on his fire truck. Lately, Judah is really into "fixing" anything. He always wants to work with tools and I love how eager he is to learn. I'm thinking that he might be getting some sort of a kids tool set for Christmas but, I also want to get him a new bedding set for his room because we are going to be re-decorating it so, I don't know. Either way, I'm already getting excited for Christmas. 

Boring/About Nothing posts like these leave me feeling a little self conscious. I'm trying to remember that documenting daily life with my family is my main reason for blogging. I need to find a way to "back up" or save my entire blog, just in case blogger ever decided to randomly delete it or something. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can save it?


  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend. I stayed home from church today too... but due to a migraine, not a fussy baby. :)

    I agree with you about daylight saving time. I don't like it getting dark early either.

    I know there's a site where you can have your entire blog, or parts of your blog, made into a book. I think that's a really cool idea!!

  2. thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I think one of the great things about a blog...besides your personal that as others read helps them process and understand themselves. There are no boring thinks

  3. Missed you at church yesterday too. Figured it had to be P. I remember those days well, when you spent the whole time in the foyer. Not my favorite, especially when Eric was doing video and it seemed futile to be there. This season is relatively short, though it feels lengthy right now.

    I've thought about how to back up the blog and I haven't looked into it yet. If I find something, I'll let you know.

  4. It's in the dashboard. I remember seeing it. It has something to do with exporting.

  5. also, i love ALL of your posts. I always feel guilty that i mainly post photos, when I really love to write. Sometimes you just post what life is about. It's encouraging to others that you live an ordinary life just like anyone else. And daylight savings threw me for a loop too.

  6. Thanks, Angie!!! I always love your posts also. Pictures or writing, it's all good!

  7. Hi Angela!

    This is Jaima, Three Boys Contributor! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comments on my recent post! Browsing through your great blog now :)


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