Friday, November 25, 2011

A Few Photos from our Thanksgiving

Before our Thanksgiving meal yesterday, we decided to take a few pictures of the kids.
 We don't have hardly any pictures of all four of them together and even though it's a little challenging to get great pictures of 2 two year olds and 2 one year olds, we tried. 
 They wiggled. 
 They giggled.
 They acted how little kids do. 
They looked away. 
They wanted to play. 
 I think a few of the pictures turned out well, don't you?
My mom and Paisley had a special moment that Sally caught on camera. 
 Judah and Noah ate their dinner at the "kids table" for the first time this year and they actually did really well. My carpet survived and I was impressed with them! 
 Today I've been trying to take all of our fall decorations down so, we can start getting the house all decorated for Christmas. I've been super tired today though and Paisley is a little under the weather so, I've haven't been too successful so far. Honestly, not successful at all. I've. Got. Nothing. Done.  Hopefully I'll get my rear in gear later today. If not, there's always tomorrow. :)


  1. thanks for sharing these precious moments

  2. Sometimes it's the collection of pictures that "speaks 1000 words" just as you have here!! Adorable

  3. Such cute pictures of the cousins! I think action shots of little ones make the best memories. :)

    Your Judah seems so tall for 2! When will he be three? My Jasmine will turn 3 in January. She's getting taller all the time too and losing the toddler look.


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