Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Ham Sandwich of a Nephew

I've often referred to my youngest nephew as my Ham Sandwich. I'm not sure exactly why....maybe it's because he's always been a big boy or maybe it's because he's usually smiling. He's laid back, cute and I love him. Having a sister has always (well, for the most part) been great but, it got even better when we had our oldest boys, 36 days apart and then our youngest kids came along 18 days apart. How thankful I am for my family and that my kids have close cousins!

My sister is super creative and did a great job decorating for his party, baking delicious cupcakes and coming up with cute and creative snacks.
Dark Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes with white chocolate ganache. All homemade, none the less. It's true, my sister has skills. 

Happy Birthday, sweet nephew. You are so loved! 


  1. So loving the photos! LOVE the clever cupcakes AND the wonderful tissue paper pom poms! So fun! Happy First Birthday to L!

  2. thanks for sharing a few moments of that wonderful party!!


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