Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivation, Oh Motivation, Where have you gone?

Do you even have one of those days where you feel like all you've done is tread water? That is how our morning was, we survived, we had some fun, we got tired and we didn't really get anything done. After I got my kids down for their naps, I looked at the list that I'd written out at 8am. Nothing was crossed off and honestly, sometimes that's to be expected. Reality is, I have a two year old and a one year old. 

As I looked at my list, I felt my motivation creep out the door. I think my motivation ran very, very far away. I wanted to sit down. What I really wanted to do was sail off into the world of Pinterest and look at pictures of cute and inspiring creations. Seriously, I love that site. It makes me want to craft, create and there are just way too many cute ideas! 

I almost opened up facebook and posted a question to see how others get motivated when they just want to be lazy? Instead, I decided that would be stupid and I got busy. As I was putting my house back together, I jotted down a list of a few things that help bring my motivation back, when it seems to have gone missing.

1. Out of Sight Out of Mind. When the laundry is still in the dryer or papers that need to be dealt with are hidden away, I'm less likely to deal with them. I brought all my clean laundry that needed to be folded and put away and I plopped it into the middle of our dining room table. Out of sight, out of mind can work the opposite way.....  In Sight, In Mind??? I don't know. Bottom  line, put the things you need to deal with in front of your eyes and then deal with them.

2. Be Realistic. Monday's are my day to vacuum and mop. We are hosting Thanksgiving here on Thursday so, I crossed vacuuming off my list for today and added it to my list for Wednesday. I'd rather have freshly cleaned floors for Thanksgiving and not vacuum today. 

3. Fresh Air. Before I got started on the things I needed to do, I walked out to the mail box. When I came inside, I cracked the window in our living room. The air outside is chilly but, fresh air is energizing and I need all the energy I can get.

4. Music. I turned our TV onto the 80's station and rocked out. Upbeat music is a sure motivator for me.

5. Fix Yourself Up. This afternoon, I actually put some lipstick and mascara on before I put away our laundry. I know that may sound crazy but, fixing my hair and putting on a little makeup really helps me to get more done.

6. Mind Over Matter. I've noticed that sometimes I spend more time thinking about something that I need to do than the amount of time that it would take for me to get it done. It's better for me to do less thinking and more "doing".  

7. Confess Thankfulness. When all else fails and my attitude really stinks, it helps me to thank God for the things that I'm thankful for, while I do things I wish I wasn't doing. Example: "Thank you, Jesus that I have children to make messes. Thank you, Jesus that I have a toilet that gets dirty. Thank you, Jesus that we have clothes that need to be washed. Thank you, Jesus that we have food to make dinner." Saying those things out loud sometimes help put my attitude back in check.

So, when your motivation has been misplaced, what do you do to bring it back? I always remember a quote that my friend Cami shared at MOPS:
There is enough time today to do everything God wants you to do. 
And last, since I can't do a post without any pictures, I thought I'd share just a couple cute things I saw on Pinterest that I want to make. How fun are these??!!
Hand print trees with the kids hand prints. 
Hot cocoa sticks.


  1. thanks for sharing!! I think we all have days where our motivation leaves us. I have more than I want to admit. But it sounds like you got a lot done! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. Seriously LOVING those hot cocoa sticks. Those are so stinkin' cute. Thanks for the shout out :)

  3. Yes, thanks for sharing. I just happen to be having "one of those days" and reading this was a great picker upper. I seem to lose ambition when the days get need to get fresh air, burn nice candles, etc.!! Thanks!


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