Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organizing Kids Rooms and Felt Flower Clips

We had a good day at home today. I've been wanting to go through the kids rooms and sort/get rid of a bunch of their clothes and toys for awhile. This morning my mom came and visited with us while I tackled their rooms. Basically, I went through all the toys first and made a pile for us to giveaway. Next, I went through their drawers, pulled out clothes that are too small and decided which ones to keep (for possible future children) and which ones to giveaway. It feels so good to clean up and clear out!  Last year, I bought a bunch of cute Christmas clothes for Paisley when they were on clearance and yesterday I remembered that I had them in a bag in her closet. I'm glad I remembered to bring them out because it seems like she hardly has a chance to wear all of her clothes! It took all morning to go through them rooms but, I'm glad I got it done. Tonight my sister and I went to a Party Lite party at a friends house. It was a fun evening out, especially after a good day at home. 

When I was at JoAnn Fabric's last night, I saw some cute felt. They also sell the perfect type of clip for making homemade hair clips so, today I decided to give Felt Flower clips a try. 
To make the flower, cut three circles out of felt that are slightly different sizes. This circle was my large circle. I also cut out two circles that were slightly smaller than this one but, I wasn't very good about taking pictures of this project. 
 Fold each circle in half and then fold in half again. Sew it together at the bottom.

 Next, put the medium sized felt flower inside of the large one. Sew it in to secure it and then put the smaller on in and sew it in as well. After they are sewn together, hot glue the flower onto a hair clip. I'm hoping that I can get Paisley in the habit of wearing cute things in her hair. Her bangs are getting long but, I don't want to cut them.
All done! 


  1. Oh, thanks for doing a tutorial on these flowers!! I've been wondering how to make them and your instructions are nice and simple. Love the flower you made and now I want to try to make one!!

  2. well, Miss Paisley Rae looks so beautiful in her new rosebud hair clip. thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Adorable!! I wish I could get something to stay in Hazel's hair, but it is too fine and she is too active. Thank you for sharing them on Crafty Moms Share!

  4. A message for Carrie....if you would like to put something in your childs hair that is to fine...try making 100% satin ribbon small hair bows....just simple bows...but put them in your childs hair with a dab of K-Y jelly and hold for a few seconds. It will dry...but is not heavy, and babes do not seem to mind the light remove, use a small drop of warm water. Works really well...Jan

    1. Hi Jan! I work in an intensive care nursery at a hospital...this sounds like such a good way to add a little bit of "girl-i-less" to the on-the-mend premie babies. Their moms seems to really appreciate touches of normal-ness when they come to visit their babies. Thanks for sharing that tip.

  5. Thanks for sharing that easy to make hair accessory for little girls. I need to make some of those for my little grand-daughter. I saw your post over at CSI.


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