Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seasons of Motherhood

Today was a MOPS morning for us. I set my alarm last night because I needed to get up, be ready, get the kids ready and leave the house on time. I prepared for the "couponing" talk that I was going to do this weekend and I was ready to go. 

Well, a little curve ball was thrown my way. Every time I have MY plans, I always get a reminder that it's not all about ME and what I want to do. I am a mommy of two precious children. They are two and one years old. They come first and at their age, they have a lot of needs. Judah woke up this morning saying that he didn't want to go to MOPS. He was crying and pretty upset as we were getting ready to go. I tried to talk with him and see why he didn't want to go but, he couldn't tell me. He just kept saying that he wanted to "drive past it". This was super unusual for him because he normally loves MOPS. We went ahead and left the house, with Judah in tears. I dropped him off at his class and I could hear him crying as I left. My heart hurt but, I figured he would quickly get over it because he always has fun. Next, I dropped Paisley off at her class and then I started to get myself settled. It hadn't even been 5 minutes when the childcare coordinator had to come get me because Judah threw up. I gathered all my things, Judah and Paisley and we headed home. 

For the rest of today, he hasn't seemed sick so, I'm pretty sure that he threw up just because he was crying hard. I'm not sure what was making him so sad but, I hope we don't have that problem again next time. Tonight before I put him to bed, I was able to have a good talk with him. He told me that one of the kids in his class scared him. We prayed together that he would be very brave next time we go and that if he and that boy have a problem, he can talk to his teacher about it. 

The "change of plans" that we had this morning made me think about the season of life that I'm in. These kids are my life and they need me. I have so many things that I want to do and be involved in but, being home with them is my priority. Life should be simple right now as I take the time to enjoy them at their young ages. This is my season of motherhood right now and I've got to embrace it. 

This little sweet pea is suddenly walking all over the place and it seems like it's literally happened overnight.
Tomorrow we have some friends coming over to play. I haven't even hardly cleaned and I don't know if that's because I'm getting smarter and realizing that there's no point in cleaning before I fill my house with kids.....or maybe it's because I'm getting closer with my friends and more comfortable. Either way, we're excited to play!


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventurous day. The best part, for me, was when you took the time to talk with him and he finally shared his experience of being afraid of the other kid. It is wonderful that he trusts his mommy enough to share his heart openly like that.
    The pic of sweet P. is truely amazing. blessings!

  2. Adore little P's dress. That is so super cute.
    So glad you took your little guy home.
    Daniel has had some issues with be scared of other kids, some kids were so much more aggressive than Daniel and it made it really hard going to class, but it's a normal part of them learning to live in an environment with others who aren't tempered the same as they are. You are teaching him to handle it well. I'll be praying for bravery and courage for him next time.

  3. How great that Judah was able to share his concerns with you at the end of the day.
    I love paisley's dress. Is it handmade?


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