Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Story of a Wreath

Once upon a time, there were some old Christmas balls, that didn't belong on the tree. Instead of throwing them away, I decided that I'd make a wreath, for free! 

I beckoned my husband dearest and asked him for a shape. This shape, for the wreath, he made from wire and tape. 
 I wound it with red paper, because it might show through. I wouldn't want to see it, and I'm guessing, neither would you.
 Ball after ball, I glued and glued. It actually went pretty fast and I was in a good mood.

 I took a little break and took pictures of my reflection in the ball.

 I like that the pictures are deceiving and make me look tall (and small!). 
 About an hour later the wreath was complete. I found a home for it and thought that it looked neat. 
This morning my wreath fell to the ground and shattered in hundreds of pieces. I cleaned up glass for a very long time, in all our tiny creases. I'm sad my wreath is no longer with us but, at least I had a story to share. I still will not be walking around, with my feet bare.


  1. Oh! How sad! It was a lovely wreath!!

  2. Oh, no!! What a sad story. It was beautiful.

    I wanted to pass on a blog award to you. Please check out http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2011/11/another-award.html.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  3. Oh no!! Did you just make it this year?? I loved it. At least you not only have a story but beautiful pictures...where you look tall and small! Loved the way you shared this!!!

  4. I love your wreath! What a fabulous idea. What a shame that you lost it!

  5. I love your wreath! What a fabulous idea. What a shame that you lost it!

  6. Thanks ladies! Josie, yes...I made it this year. I actually made it last night about 11pm and then it came crashing down this morning. It's my fault that I didn't secure it with anything when I set it onto of our cupboards. Oh well. I think I'll make another one soon and secure it well this time. I might even make it with the non-breakable balls so, it's a little more kid-friendly.

  7. Oh noooooo! The wreath was gorgeous! So sorry it fell! :(

  8. Aw man, too bad it broke!! Love the story though and the wreath looked great!!

  9. Hahaha. Is it wrong that your post made me laugh?? But, I also said awww. That's so funny/sad! I've had lots of shattered balls this week so I feel your pain. Crafting is a tough job! :)

    Ps. your wreath was SO cute while it lasted!!


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