Friday, November 4, 2011

This, That and a Cold Rubber Ducky

Yesterday Paisley had her 1 year old well-child checkup at the Doctor. She had to get a few vaccinations and I think her legs must have been sore because she didn't sleep well last night. I swear it's so much easier to be up with a baby when you're used to it but, I'm not used to it anymore. Today I've been drinking coffee and staying busy to help me forget about my tiredness.

This morning I looked outside and noticed that the water in Judah's water table was frozen. I love this time of year and I think the frosty mornings are beautiful. I stepped out to take a few pictures and the look on this ducky's face cracked me up a little. He looks soooo cold in that frozen water, with the little bulldozer submerged in the water beside him. Ok, maybe the look on his face is only funny to me because I didn't sleep much.

 Brrrr......this helmet is NOT helping me stay warm!
This month I'm finding myself busy, busy, busy planning one thing after another. I'm talking "couponing" at our MOPS group on Tuesday with Julie, we're having Thanksgiving at our house, we have playdates to plan and I'm also hosting a little Christmas Party at the beginning of December for the DGLs and Mentor Moms in our MOPS group. You know what though? I LOVE it! I think I've found that I function better with a lot on my "plate" rather than feeling like I don't have anything going on. 

Today I'm thankful for the people that I have in my life....the ladies in my MOPS group, my family, my friends. All the people that make me feel surrounded with love and support. What are YOU thankful for today? 


  1. haha, I can see the humor about the duck's face! And stuff like that is always funnier to me when I'm tired too. :)

  2. I just love how you saw the humor on the little duckie in the frozen pond...I could hear his little voice..brrrrr it is so sooooocold in here so funny.
    I am very thankful for family and wonderful friends


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