Saturday, November 12, 2011


The last few days have been full of special moments and crazy fall weather. Thursday, my sister and her boys came over for a spontaneous walk in the sun. It was such a beautiful November day, that I couldn't possibly leave my camera at home. 

 It was Levi's first Birthday so, I had to make sure to get a picture of my sister and her boys.
 Judah and Paisley love going on walks. I should be more diligent about taking them out. 
 After our walk, we spur-of-the-moment, decided to have lunch together. To celebrate my nephews Birthday, we baked some cookies and I brought out some party hats I had stashed away. I love spontaneous little parties. I'm pretty sure that spontaneous fun is even more fun than "planned fun".

I love Paisley's pink "Eat Your Vegetables" John Deere shirt. She has a bonk on her eye because she fell down in the bathroom the other night, when I was trying to help Judah in there. It's the story of her life these days, walk really fast, fall, cry, get up, do it again. Just like on the shampoo bottles...rinse and repeat. 

 After our beautiful sunny fall day on Thursday, I was surprised with how stormy Friday was. It was so beautiful though and we only lost our power for a few minutes so, it wasn't bad. 

 Tonight our church hosted a dinner for over 160 special needs adults. My husband signed up to make 3 pumpkin pies so, he and Judah were busy bakers this morning. 

I served at the dinner this evening and I feel like there aren't enough words to describe what an amazing time it was. For many of these people, this was the only Thanksgiving dinner that they will have. A few of them couldn't speak well but, most of them could communicate and I had some great conversations with these sweet people. There was a time of music and worship and my heart was so moved to see these people dance and praise Jesus. I also noticed what encouragers they are! Each person had an opportunity to do a craft and as they were finished and showing each other what they had made, they were cheering for each other and giving "high fives". Their hearts were so beautiful and I feel like I could learn a lot from them. 

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  1. What beautiful shots of the leaves and the sunset!!

    Looks like you all had a fun time with your sister and nephews. I agree... spontaneous fun can be a lot more fun than "planned" fun. :)

    Sounds like a wonderful time serving and being encouraged with the dinner group.


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