Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Visit to the Fire Station

This morning, our MOPS group visited a local Fire Station. We all brought sack lunches to eat while the firemen taught the kids basic fire safety. Last night when I told Judah that we were going to the Fire Station today, he was so excited. He looked forward to it all morning and left the house with a big grin on his face and his fire hat on.
I was totally caught off guard when we got to the Fire Station and Judah wouldn't hardly say a word. During the firefighters presentation, they turned off the lights and put their masks on to show the kids what firemen look like in the dark. It was a great idea but, it totally freaked Judah out. He ended up having a pretty hard time and that challenged me, as his mommy. We did have some fun though. Judah got to sit in the fire truck and pretend to drive.
Even though we had a rough time, I'm glad we went. Judah wants to go back and I know he'll do better with new people and places as he gets older. Of course, situations like this make me wonder if I'm doing something wrong as his mom and I can get down on myself. This afternoon, I keep thinking about how having children has so humbled me. Just when I think we're over one challenge, we're on to the next. Each day is filled with so many blessings and so many situations that stretch me until it hurts. And you know what? I have a feeling it's always going to be this way. 


  1. Oh, Angela, it really is going to be like this. But that's not bad. A mama's emotions are all over the board, as one minute we are so delighted by our kids and their antics, their growth, their spontaneous joy, and the next we're overwhelmed with the enormity of raising children. It is a bittersweet experience that sends us running to the heart of God, just where He wants us.

  2. Aw, that's sad that Judah got upset at the fire station. I'm sure that's pretty typical of a 2 year old though.. I think Jazzy (also 2) would've been pretty scared seeing fire masks too.

    You sound like a great mommy! Don't beat yourself up. :) I know what you mean about mommyhood being pretty humbling though. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing half the time...

    I love that first pic of Judah and the dog! It's so cute how the dog looks like he's posing for the pic. :)


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