Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The After-Christmas Letdown

Last night, I sat down to update the header of my blog and ended up messing the whole thing up. Apparently the amount of photos that I'm aloud to upload has been exceeded and now blogger won't let me upload a picture for my header. It was 1am and I decided that being rested is more important than having a pretty blog so, I'll be figuring that out, when time allows. In the mean time, at least I still have a boring title on my good ole' blog. 

Today I'm somewhere in between content and in need of direction. The Christmas season was wonderful but, when it's over I feel like....ok, what now? All the baking has been done, the presents have been wrapped and given, the traditions have been celebrated. There are things that we wanted to do and ran out of time for...those can wait until next year. So, what now? Clean up, organize and put away is a given but, that's not very exciting. It's cloudy and dreary outside and it's weird to not be preparing for anything at this moment. 

I stepped outside yesterday to get the mail and noticed that the bulbs I planted have come up. I had just been thinking about how I wish it was spring time so, it was interesting to see that my bulbs and I are on the same page. Unfortunately, I think the problem is that I didn't plant them deep enough. Instead of being excited to see them grow, I'm going to get some good soil, cover them up and make them wait a little longer until they are good and ready to come out. 

I think it's time for me to step back, slow down and focus on what 2012 should be like. What about you, do you feel a little let down after Christmas is over? How do you deal with this?


  1. I enjoy the week after Christmas. Its time for our family to have quiet time, rest, and play together since my husband is still home. But I know next week it will be a let down once the Christmas music stops and hubby goes back to work. Thanks for the feedback yesterday!

  2. I just love your new blog "header" photo montage..just lovely!!

    I like to spend some slow moving quiet time sort of digesting what I learned...and the blessings I received. Then, also, I like using the opportunity to clean up and reorganize a bit. A friend gave me a card that says "nature brings to every time and season a beauty of it's own"

  3. The week following Christmas is actually my favorite. The family obligations are done and it's time when we can refocus and gear up for the next year, before all the flurry again. But my hubby is home this week and that makes all the difference, I know. It would be much different if he weren't.

  4. Thanks for the input, ladies! Hearing that you like this time of year makes me realize that it's not all that bad. :)

  5. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway! I'd LOVE it if you won!!!

    XO, Aimee


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