Monday, December 19, 2011

Cooking with Kids and 2 Recipes I Highly Recommend

Today, my sister and my two nephews joined us for a morning of baking. She had quickly picked out two recipes for us to make and both ended up being fantastic. Spicy Christmas Shortbread is super easy to make and tastes amazing.
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We also made The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Christmas Cookies. These were also very simple and turned out delicious. 
 The boys (2 years old) got to help paint on the colored egg wash before the cookies baked. 
 Painting with Q-Tips works well except when you're two, you like to do more "poking" and less "painting".'s ok. Our cookies weren't going for the best-looking prize, anyway. 

After all was said and done, for a second, the mess made me want to cry but.... say it with me now.....
The Memories are Bigger than the Mess.
It's true, momma's, it's true. 


  1. and what fun memories you will have!! Those cookies look super yummy :)

  2. thanks for sharing this wonderful day!!!
    I think the "painting" thing is about manual is probably easier for two year old fingers to poke than paint!!

    Your recipes also look wonderful!!!

  3. I'm saying it with you, "The memories are worth the mess!"


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