Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day in the Life

For the sake of documenting daily life, I've decided to write a "day in the life" post. I should probably be writing more of these because they are a great way to write down what our daily life is like. I want to be able to go back and read about how we spent our days, later in life, when I've (hopefully not) forgotten.

7:15am- I'm awakened from wonderful sleep to the sound of Paisley waking over the monitor. I lay in bed for a few minutes, hoping that maybe she'll go back to sleep. Nope. She's awake for the day and so am I. I go into her room, nurse her and then bring her out into the kitchen. I make her toast. I make my coffee. I wake my husband up and then we go about our morning getting ready for church. While I take a shower he feeds Judah breakfast, feeds the dog and gets Judah changed into his church clothes, that I laid out on his dresser.

9:10am- Amazing! We are actually ready for church on time. I decide that we should take a few pictures of Judah and Paisley together. We sit them on the couch and try to get a few good pictures but, cooperation was not the name of the game today. Oh well! 

We drive to church and it's cold outside. Our car says 36....brrrr! I hope we get snow this year. During the singing time, Judah dances around on the chairs. I worry that he isn't behaving as well as he should be but, I tell myself it's good that he's having fun and enjoying the music. 

Next, the kids are dismissed. Judah has a huge meltdown when it's time to go be in his class. His sweet teacher literally has to help pry him off me and it makes me sad but, I know we're doing the right thing and that it's just a phase. Thank you Abby for being so awesome and helping out with him!!! After a few minutes, I went and listened to see if he was still crying. He stopped....yes! When we picked him up afterwards, he was happy. I was happy, too. 

Back into the car we go and we drive over to see my the house that my sister and brother in law should be getting keys for any day now. They give us a tour of their soon-to-be new home and we love it. Sooo happy and excited for them.

We drive back home. The kids play and Jeremiah runs to the grocery store to grab a few things while I make lunch. We eat lunch together and then we put them down for their naps. After they are tucked in, Jeremiah and I head outside. We work around the yard for a few minutes and enjoy the warmth of the sun, although it's still very chilly outside. We throw the football for a few minutes and then come back in. Jeremiah sits down to watch football and I get on the computer to check my email and facebook.

Before too long, Sally texts me and says that they are bringing their boys over. Our kids are still napping but, her boys play around our house and it's great to spend time with them. The four kids spend the afternoon playing around, doing Play Dough, watching a little Caillou, Jeremiah takes the older boys outside, and everyone gets along well, for the most part.
We all have enchiladas for dinner, watch a little Mickey Mouse, do some more playing and some coloring. Before we know it, my sister is back over to pick up her boys. 

Paisley is getting grumpy and it's 7pm so, I change her into her jammies, read her a story, brush her teeth, feed her and then she's in bed. Jeremiah reads Judah a few books, brushes his teeth, I sing him songs, pray with him and then he's in bed. 

Now our house is silent and I can hear myself think. As I reflect over our day, I think it's been pretty good. Nothing too exciting but, I have no complaints. It's actually been a really good weekend. We've had a good balance of time with friends, time with family, a little work and a little play.  I hope anyone that's read this has had a great weekend as well!


  1. so nice to read this...reminded me of Norman Rockwell paintings...just great wonderful regular things!!!
    also, the pics heart warming...!!

  2. This is my idea of a perfect day. Wonderful, lovely, ordinary things. Love it.

  3. Reading this for the first time I thought you sang Jeremiah songs and prayed with him! Not that that woud be a bad thing, just made me laugh! Thanks so much for watching our boys, we love you guys!!!

  4. Awww....Sally, how embarrassing. Let me clarify, I sing songs to JUDAH and pray with him. Not Jeremiah. Although, I guess it wouldn't be that bad, if I did.


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