Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MOPS Christmas Program

Growing up, it was a really big deal to me to be in the Christmas programs at our church. I remember wanting to have the perfect dress and being both nervous and excited to sing for the "grown ups" with my friends. It was a really big deal and because it was such a big deal to me, seeing Judah in his first Christmas program today was sooo very special to me. 
This little light of mine......
 All of the kids did such a great job!

 When everyone clapped, he clapped also. 

 Good job, Judah! I am so proud of you!!! 


  1. It was SO much fun watching them today! I loved it!

  2. How cute and fun for you and Judah! I love that your MOPS program does this! The mops that I go to and help out with has so much trouble finding caregivers. Does your group struggle with finding caregivers?
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Christine!
    Our MOPS program has been especially blessed to have awesome caregivers for the children. A lot of the caregivers are retired folks that like to spend time with the kids. I've heard of other groups having trouble finding volunteers also. Some groups have to pay for child care and at other groups, the moms have to take turns watching the kids. How awesome that you go to MOPS also! I'm amazed at the connections I've made through blogging with other MOPS moms-all over the country!


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