Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Bag Flower Wreath

I've been on a bit of a crafting streak lately. In particular, wreaths have been especially calling my name. I finished the felt wreath that took longer than I expected but, it turned out well. Then I made the Christmas ball wreath that fell the next morning and broke. Next, I had a craft night with my sister and we made pine cone wreaths, that I love. Today I had only a small chunk of time to focus on crafting so, I made a wreath out of paper bag flowers, that I already had laying around. 

A few days ago, I took the paper bag flowers outside and lightly sprayed them with white spray paint, just to give them a bit of a snow touched look. Today I cut a circle out of cardboard and then used a hot glue gun to glue them on. 

The white snow flakes are from the dollar section at Target. Stampin' Up sent me some awesome products to review, one of which is a scallop circle punch. I'll be doing a post telling all about their products in the near future. Today, I used the scallop punch to make a few circles from brown paper packaging, to decorate the snow flakes. I used just a touch of hot glue to fasten them on and then I sewed on some old buttons to give them a little more character. With hot glue, I attached the snow flakes to the wreath.

Simple. Slightly Rustic. Super Affordable.


  1. those are really unique and fun!

  2. Cute idea!! My paper flowers are on my tree now. Don't you love when you get to use a craft over and over again??

    PS. Thanks for your comment! My daughter is almost 10 months old! I love this age!! So much fun. I'm kind of a sucker for little girls :)


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