Friday, December 30, 2011

Rainbow ('ish) Pancakes

At our house, Friday night is usually breakfast for dinner. It's easy, everyone likes it and the possibilities are endless. Tonight I decided to not get too adventurous and thought I'd stick with good 'ole pancakes, eggs and fruit on the side. We ended up being out of pancake mix so, I found a recipe online that we actually really liked and for being homemade, it was also super easy. If you're interested in making your pancakes homemade, you can find the recipe HERE. Otherwise, just go ahead and keep on using your mix from the box, no one will judge...a pancake is a pancake, right? 

Anyway, to mix it up a bit, I went with a rainbow theme for our pancakes tonight. I ended up being out of red food coloring so, I didn't create a perfect rainbow but, coloring the pancake batter was fun and the kids liked the colors also. 
Just divide the pancake mix into bowls, color your little heart out (there isn't a right or wrong way to do this) and then cook them up like normal. 


  1. Hadn't thought about coloring the pancakes. Great idea!

  2. so Fun!
    I like the artistic way you photographed them alongside the oranges also.


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