Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today We....and Stampin' Up WINNER!

*We went to ~two~ different Birthday parties. One of which, Judah and I attended by ourselves. I told him we were on a "hot date" and he said "no mommy, we are on a cold date". Oh, I love that boy!
*Neither one of my children took naps.....sigh. That hardly ever happens.
*I made fudge.
*I made cinnamon rolls.
*We all were very excited that Christmas is almost here.
*I felt like my list is still quite long but,also felt peaceful knowing that everything God wants me to do, will get done.

Now, onto something that I'm super excited about...drawing the winner of the Stampin' Up Cookie Stamp!
Sally K., you are the winner! I even have the picture to show that I didn't cheat. I'll give your contact information to Stampin' Up and they'll send it right out to you!!!

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