Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winnie the Pooh Movie Party, Sponsored by Oral-B

Recently I was given the opportunity to have a Winnie the Pooh movie party, sponsored by Oral-B. We were set up with everything we needed for a fun morning of play time, movie time and even fun goodie bags for each child to take home. 

Before our friends arrived, I assembled the goodie bags with the Oral-B products provided. At our house, we use Oral-B toothbrushes and toothpastes on a regular basis so, I already know that it's great quality stuff. 

 No party is complete without a snack so, I made snow flake cookies for the kids to eat. All the moms had the kids eat some oranges first just so, they could have something a little healthy before they had their cookies. 
The party kit came with some bagged popcorn but, we had a few 1 year old children running around and I felt like popcorn could be something that a baby could grab and then choke on. We'll use the popcorn another time, when we sit and watch something with our (almost) 3 year old. 
 After the kids played around for a little while, we put the movie on. Some of the children were interested in it, while other's just wanted to play. To me, it seemed like a very cute movie and I'm sure we'll watch it many more times. I think our guests were just more interested in playing with toys, which is a very common thing, if you're at another child's home.

 Thank you, Oral-B and MommyParties for this fun opportunity! We all had a great time! 


  1. what a great photo of the kids all lined up on the couch...how did you ever get all them to sit so perfectly! Sure sounds fun.

  2. Sounds like a fun little party! I love the pics of the kids on the couch.. so cute! :)

  3. All kids are looking soooo cute..and seems they all had a great party.


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