Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Mom-Inspired Driving Tips- Sponsored by Esurance

Esurance is teaming up with real life moms to talk about Mom-Inspired Driving Tips. As a busy mom of two little ones, I know first hand what it’s like to want to keep your children as safe in the car as possible and also feel like there are so many distractions. Today, I’m writing my 5 Mom-Inspired Driving Tips.

#1-Educate yourself on car seat safety. It amazes me how many mothers think they know how to properly strap their children into their car seats or booster seats but, they are doing it incorrectly. If a carseat is installed wrong or your child isn’t buckled in correctly, the car seat will not protect the child properly in an accident. Read the owners manual front to back. Drive to your local fire station or police station and have them inspect the way you’ve installed the car seat. Also, you can check with your local hospital and see if they do carseat safety inspections. I think a lot of the hospitals have special days where they can help you with care seat safety. Also, be a good example and make sure you’re always buckled up. 

#2- Keep your eyes on the road. Sounds simple, right? Well, keeping your eyes on the road when you have small children crying or screaming in the back seat can be a challenge. I know I’ve struggled with this while I have a child that’s hollering for more snacks or a crying baby. I try to remind myself that no amount of crying or whining is worth us being in an accident. Bottom line, keep your eyes on the road. 

#3- Give the car in front of you some space. It’s funny how we’re all in such a hurry and we feel like if we go just a little faster or follow the car in front of just a little closer, it’ll help us get there quicker. Driving too close to the car in front of us not only endangers us and our precious cargo but, it also endangers the people in the cars around us. Give them (and yourself) some space.

#4-Be aware of other drivers. It’s easy to assume that other drivers can see us and that they are paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, this is not the case and you never can know for sure if they other drivers around you are safe. So, pay attention and drive defensively. 

#5-Make sure your lights, signals and tires are functioning properly. We’ve all had it happen to us…someone turns out in front of us without signaling or it’s dark outside and another driver doesn’t have their lights on. Double check that your signals are working, that all of your headlights work and that your tires are in good condition. 

Writing this post has been a gentle reminder to me that I need to pay even better attention when I’m driving. Most of the time I’m driving with my kids in the car and there’s nothing more that I want, than to keep them safe. 
To learn more about Esurance or to join their safe driving conversation, you can visit them on their facebook page. 

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  1. This is good sound advice that is worth repeating. Thanks for posting this and for "guarding the precious cargo"


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