Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A MOPS Morning and Project 365{+1} Update

Today was a MOPS morning for us. MOPS days are kind of funny. They are the only days out of the entire month that I ever need to leave the house with us all feed and dressed by 8:30am. For working moms, this probably doesn't seem like a big deal but, for this stay at home mom (with kids that sleep late), it's always a bit of a challenge. This morning went well though. I got up early and I was totally ready before the kids were up. No matter if we have to go somewhere or not, me being up and getting ready before they wake always makes our day go so much smoother. Today we managed to get to the car without me loosing my patience and we were all in a good mood as we drove to MOPS. Funny how my mood rubs off on my kids! 

Our speaker this morning was amazing. She talked about how we use our words and how powerful our words can be. We are supposed to be praising Jesus with our words and encouraging others with our words but, we don't always do that. There is no way that I can sum up her devotion to show you how amazing it was. All I know is that it really touched me and it gave me a great reminder about how I need to speak kindly. How I need to Praise Jesus throughout the day with my words and how I need to be an encourager with my words.

I have a few pictures from my Project 365{+1} that I'm going to share. I'm totally enjoying taking (at least) one picture a day but, I'm finding that I'm not able to capture a lot of the moments that I wish I was getting photographs of. I want to try and capture more of the everyday moments like when I have Paisley sitting on the bathroom counter at night and I'm brushing her teeth. I think I'm going to enlist my husband to start helping with the photo taking so, that I can capture the daily things that I do with the kids. See, I'm just not talented enough to hold a baby, brush her teeth and take a good picture all at the same time. I guess I need to work on that! 
Project 365{+1}
Day 007: My husband takes down Christmas lights, outside in the dark and in the rain. He knows I have a major issue with Christmas lights being up after Christmas and he deals with my crazy ways. 
Day 008: My sister and her family came over to have chili with us and watch football. While they were over, I  took family pictures for them. We got a bunch of great ones but, this one is my favorite. They are announcing some exciting news!!!! It's weird, every time my sister has ever told me she was pregnant, I was pregnant also when she told me. Our older boys are 36 days apart and our younger babies are 18 days. This time, our kids will be farther apart because we aren't planning on having another anytime in the super-near future.

Day 009: For day nine, I took a picture of our sweet dog. I feel guilty that she doesn't get the same amount of attention from me that she used to, before I became a mommy. However, she does get tons of attention from our kids and she has never been anything except patient. 
Day 010: Today's picture captures two of Paisley's current favorite loves: shoes and babies. 
Seriously, is she my girl or what!!?? 

Well, this has been fun but, now it's time to get back to normal life. Judah has been napping less and less lately and although he's good at staying in his room and being quiet for his "quiet time" he hasn't figured out the part about not getting into major mischief yet. Seriously, the messes and "creativity" that I've walked into lately would blow your mind. Then again, if you're a mother of a two (almost 3 year old), you might not be surprised. 


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  1. Wow! I kinda had to laugh, I can totally relate to your Mops story! My kids sleep late, and I always feel rushed to get out the door, and then I have crabby boys who don't want to be at Mops. Its only once a month!?
    I need to pray the night before for patience and a strong will to haul myself out of bed the next day.

    I love your pictures! Do you have photoshop? Sorry I always ask you a question? You are always so sweet and kind and always reply to me! Thanks!!

    PS: Thanks for the info about pioneer woman's web site.

  2. Hey Christine!
    Our MOPS is twice a month. I'm glad you can relate to the busy morning. It's sooo worth it but, isn't it funny how hard it is to get out the door sometimes!
    About photoshop...No, I don't have it. I wish I did but then again, that would just be another computer program that I need to learn how to use better. :)
    Right now I just use Picasa for editing my pictures. Hopefully someday I'll become a photoshop girl. In the meantime, Picasa is pretty good, for free.

  3. Hey Angela! MOPS days are my favorite! But, it is tough getting us out the door. I just have to get up before her so I can have a bit of me time before dealing with a baby.

    I love your pictures!! You really are talented! I love this project you're doing. I may have to steal this idea. :)

    I can't wait to see what craft you're going to be doing!! I know exactly what you mean!! I spent an hour in Joanns by myself the other day and it was HEAVEN! My daughter loves to shop, but she wants whatever is in my hand. So, I'm constantly trying to hide stuff in the basket without her seeing.

    I hope to see you tomorrow at the linky fun! I'm so excited to see what everyone's been working on!


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