Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Train Party

Last weekend we celebrated Judah turning 3 with some of our friends and family. A month or so before his Birthday, I started asking him what he'd like to do for his Birthday. He always told me that he wanted a train party so, a train party it was!

My sister came over and helped me make a train ice cream cake. Making an ice cream cake is time consuming but, my boy loves ice cream and it was really fun to make this for him.
We also had chocolate cupcakes, pizza, bread sticks and fruit salad. 
I found some red containers at Target, in the dollar section. I decorated them to look like the animal car, coal car and log car. The animal car had animal cookies in it, the coal car was full of cookie dough truffles and the log car was filled with pretzels dipped in chocolate. 
A few days before the party, I found out that the favors I ordered from Amazon wouldn't be here on time. I ended up printing off coloring pages and making playdough to give to the kids. Also, I got all the supplies ready for the kids to decorate a train cookie to take home with them. Some of the kids enjoyed decorating a cookie and others were just too tired or interested in other things. 
For more of a vintage look, I used lots of brown paper. Last minute, I made little brown paper sleeves to hold the silverware in. These simple little holders ended up being one of my favorite things. 

The kids sat at small tables covered in brown paper. Pretty easy for cleaning up and it covered my paint splattered, ugly tables. 

Judah had a great time and he's still talking about how his friends came over and had a party with him. It means so much to me to see him having fun with his friends. Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Judah! 


  1. Everything looks great! An ice cream cake seems difficult to make but it looks really cute!! What a fun party! Happy 3rd Birthday to Judah!

  2. What a great party! I love all the details you thought through. I love converting the dollar bin containers into train cars and then filling them with food. Genius! And your food, OH MY, YUMMY!

  3. Angela, it's always fun to read of the creative things you do. When your favors didn't come, you made your own; when you found the little containers you turned them into train cars; you made your own ice cream cake. Although I am always impressed with your creativity when I read your blog, I am even more impressed with your heart of love for your family.

  4. It was a fabulous party! We had so much fun! So glad that Judah had a great time. You are such a great mom, Angela.


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