Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prepping for a Party and Project 365{+1} Update

Well, the snow started to melt today. From everyone's posts on facebook, I could easily tell that I'm one of the few people that was sad to say goodbye to the snow. I'm happy to be at home but, I noticed today that Judah and Paisley were starting to get a bit crazy from being home so much. This afternoon they were getting into everything and I was trying to finish up the last of my projects for Judah's Birthday party. At one point, I sat Judah down at the kitchen table with a bowl, a Popsicle stick with a dab of frosting on it, a small cookie and a bunch of cheerios. I told him to decorate his cookie and it actually kept him out of trouble for a few minutes. 

I've been busy working on the last minute details for his 3rd Birthday party. I'd ordered a bunch of fun things off of Amazon and because of the weather, none of my items are going to be here before the party. I ended up figuring out a back up plan so, I've been busy making homemade playdough, train cookies for the kids to decorate, printing off coloring pages, making cupcakes and also making a surprise Birthday cake for Judah. My sister came and helped me with the cake after the kids were in bed last night. I am really excited about how it turned out but, I can't post pictures yet. It needs to be a surprise!
So anyway, all the party prep has been super fun and now I'm ready to party!!!

I haven't posted a Project 365{+1} update for about a week so, I better get on that! I've been snapping away day after day. It's fun and addicting. What's not so fun is the amount of pictures that I need to sort through and the fact that I'm going to eventually need a larger hard drive! So, here we go....this should bring me up to date. 


  1. my goodness those last two pics of Judah and Paisley are amazing! Frame them both! I'm super excited for the party, and so are my kids :)

    1. Thanks Sal! I'm super excited to have you here!

  2. All your pictures look great!

    It sounds like the party will be a lot of fun! I can't wait to see the cake! What day is Judah's birthday? My little girl Jasmine turns 3 on Monday so they must be pretty close.

    The cookie/frosting/Cheerio idea sounds like a good one! I think it would keep my kids entertained for a little bit too... I may try it. :)

  3. wow
    all the decorations, food, and everything was so nice. what a fun party. thanks!!


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