Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Train Hunt

Recently after the kids and I went grocery shopping, we headed out on a "train hunt". We've had a pretty laid back week so, after we were done at the store, I was in no hurry to get back home. Judah loves trains and he made up this cute little thing that he calls a "train hunt". Basically, you just drive around and look for trains. He said "Mommy, let's go for a train hunt!" Alright, sweet boy...let's go find us some trains.

While we were searching for a train, I spotted this awesome teal wall, the ideal place to photograph a red head.

We didn't find any trains but, we did stop at some old train tracks.

It was a beautiful day for a drive and spending time with my kids, without an agenda is one of my favorite things. I feel like when we aren't rushed to be at the next place or do the next thing, we have time to enjoy each other more and notice all the wonderful things around us.


  1. Yes! That teal wall was a perfect background for that handsome boy!
    I really do think these photos are wonderful...each one! thank you thank you!!!


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