Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine Tutu-D.I.Y

A few nights ago, my husband and I put our kids to bed and then I left him home while I went to JoAnn Fabrics by myself to pick up a few things for the Birthday party that I'm planning for our (almost) 3 year old. Walking around in that store alone is like pure bliss. The holiday's are over, the store is quiet and the new craft ideas are on display. Awww.....deep....happy....sigh....
I came across a Valentine tutu they had for sale. Instead of buying it, I decided to make my own. I headed over to the fabric section, picked some tulle and some elastic. This project ended up being really inexpensive and super easy. I love that! 

What you need:
2 yards of tulle
***I bought one yard of white, 1/2 yard pink and 1/2 yard red.
Elastic (The tutu size I made is 18months-2T and I used 17inches of elastic)
Thread to sew the elastic into a circle and a button if you want to dress it up a bit more.

To make the elastic waistband of your tutu, measure your child's waist or the waistband of her pants. Cut a piece that is once inch shorter than the waist measurement.
 Sew the ends of the elastic together to make a circle. I sewed a big felt button on mine to dress it up a bit more.
 Next, measure and cut the tulle into long pieces. Use your child or a pair of their pants to figure out how long you want your tutu to be. The pieces of tulle need to be double the length that you want, plus another inch for the knot. For example, if you want the tutu to be 12 inches long, cut the pieces 25 inches long.
I cut each color of my tulle to a different length, just to mix it up a bit! My pieces of tulle were cut at:
White: 25 inches long, 2 inches wide
Red: 21 inches long, 2 inches wide
Pink: 18 inches long, 2 inches wide

 Fold the piece of tulle in half.
 Put the folded piece of tulle behind the elastic and then pull the loose ends through the loop.
You should now have a bundle of tulle looped over and knotted to the elastic waistband. Continue bundling tulle and knotting each bundle to the elastic all the way around.

 All done and my little Valentine loves it!

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  1. Oh my goodness, so stinkin' adorable!! The tutu AND Paisley!! I think I could totally pull this one off! Thanks for the tutu-torial (ha, I couldn't help myself!).

    And, THANK you for linking up!! I really appreciate you sharing your creativity!

    PS. I love childless shopping trips to Joann's! :)

    1. Thanks Emily! If you make one, I want to see it! I bet it would be super cute on your little darling!

  2. You baby girl is so cute. My BFF has a little girl named Paisley too ;) She will be 5 months this month!

    The tutu looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! That's funny that your best friend has a little Paisley also. It's a very uncommon name but, I love it. Secretly I hope that it stays uncommon. :)

  3. How sweet!

    I invite you to link this (or any other Valentine's Day posts) up with the Find Some Love Fest on February 1st!

  4. This is great! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  5. You are so cute, Angela. This is a great craft! Too bad I don't have a girl yet... or do I?

    1. Rachelle, I sure wouldn't be surprised if you already do have a little girl on your hands...(in your tummy, rather)! I sure can't wait to know what you're having!

  6. Soo adorable!!...and the tutu is very cute too ;-)

  7. This is so ADORABLE!!! I want this sooo much for my little girl... I'm your newest follower and would love to invite you to share this here-

    Thanks so much and have a great weekend.


  8. Waaaaay cute! And perfectly girlie =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  9. Great tutu! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!!

  10. This is ADORABLE!!! We're featuring it tomorrow at our Seasonal Inspiration party - thanks so much for sharing!

  11. this tutu is so cute! Great job! Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday Talent Show! I hope to see you again next week!
    Chef in Training

  12. That is SO adorable! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm going to share it on facebook!


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