Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Garden and City Drive'n

This afternoon, I realized that I haven't watered my little winter garden in probably about a month. I haven't even looked at it and it's not good to ignore those you love.  
My husband built a beautiful raised bed for me and then my Dad made a cover for it. In October I planted lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots and garlic. 
Well, apparently a little neglect or snow and freezing temperatures haven't bothered it much. Here in the Pacific Northwest, this little garden is still pretty happy! I was like "Whoooaa!" when I opened it up this afternoon. Growing things makes me happy. If I'm not growing a baby, I mine as well grow some lettuce, right? :) This is what I brought in today. 

Here's my only problem with gardening......I don't like bugs. Sure, bugs outside are fine but, I don't like bugs on my food, at all. I also don't like pesticides and one of the highlights of growing a tad of our own produce is the fact that I know it has no chemicals on it. When I brought these spinach and lettuce leaves in, I must have spent over 10 minutes spraying off each leaf, totally OCD style. Seriously, there weren't many bugs on them but, I can't stand the thought of missing one. I think our water bill is going to be higher, just from me rinsing lettuce!
So, what does a girl do? Do I just get over it and rinse it off like a normal person? If you have a garden, how do you deal with the possibility of bugs? 
On a different note, last night, we attended my husband's company party in Seattle. We haven't driven to Seattle in about 8 months and it kind of freaked me out! We parked in a parking garage that has a 6'6 limit. Seriously, if you car is over 6 1/2 feet tall, you would scrap the roof. I was a little nervous and ducking down in my seat (not that crouching down in my seat makes our car shorter, it just makes me feel better). I realized that I need to get out of my small town more often because Seattle shouldn't be scary. It's actually an amazing city with tons of fun things to do. I apparently just live a rather sheltered life.

After we left the party, I drove us home. To get back on the freeway, we needed to drive on this road that was a HUGE hill, with stop lights on the hill. I've never almost had a panic attack while driving but, I seriously almost did. There's nothing like stopping on a HUGE hill in bumper to bumper traffic and then when the light turns green, you have to get going again, without rolling back and smashing into the car behind you. Oh. My. Word. My heart races just as I type this. I survived but, I was shaking, my hands were sweating and I think I still have sore muscles in my shoulders. Next time I go to Seattle, I will specifically plan my driving to not involve one of those huge hills with stop lights. No thank you. No way. I give major kudos to those crazy people who drive on those hills everyday. That will never be me and for the record, I do not drive a stick shift and yes, my car had a funny smell after I gunned it when the light turned green. 


  1. Oh my are amazing!
    I made the mistake of drinking water while reading this post and almost laughed it all over my keyboard!
    Bugs hmmmm....just spray them off in the sink...knock the big ones off before entering your house and try to remember your homegrown produce is way healthier than the stuff in the store that "looks" cleaner.
    Your always...gorgeous

  2. Your carrots are huge! I need someone to build me a cold frame. Mine are maybe 2 centimeters in width. :) Of course I didn't have anything over them. My daikon radishes are the things that are happy and large, and i only put row covers over them! I want a cold frame!

  3. Love your produce and bugs are gross, so knock yourself out on the water! is amazing to me why anyone would want to go there EVERY DAY? Eric is nuts...I hate the hills, especially in the snow. Everytime we go as a family I am fine until those stupid hills! It actually makes me a little light headed to go up and down them.

    Should we get out of our little town? Yes, but maybe to go farther into the country!

    Love you

  4. First, your produce is GORGEOUS. We're using Klesick since we do NOT have a Winter garden. Eric has some serious work to do to get ours ready for the Spring.

    Second, I am so utterly impressed you drove home from Seattle. Eric knows better than to even ask me. I like small town driving and freak out with cities! Good for you for giving your hubby a break on the way home!

  5. Gorgeous veggies! Your gardening is so impressive. Who has fresh veggies in the winter?

    Also, I adore Seattle. I visited once, 10 years ago and fell in love with the city. Of course, I did not rent a car, and therefore, did not encounter the hill problem.


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