Thursday, February 16, 2012

Forced to Slow Down

This morning I woke up to Judah telling me that he just threw up. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, before I even had a chance to pour a cup of coffee. Being greeted by his news and also hearing Paisley awake, quickly jump started our day. 

It's seems like we've had a lot of plans lately. All of them have been great but, it's been a little too much for my taste. When we go, go, go, I start feeling behind and with feeling behind, comes the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Today, we stayed home and even though I was bummed to miss the family story time at the library, a day at home was just what we needed. It was a simple day, the kind where you stay in your pajamas much longer than you probably should, Judah watched lots of T.V because honestly, it was the only way that I could keep him still. We read lots of books and we played hide and go seek. I washed laundry and enjoyed our home. Even though I don't like seeing my sweet boy sick, I enjoyed the day with him. We cuddled more than normal and I'm glad we were forced to slow down. 

I wasn't going to share these pictures but, they are just too funny not to post. The other night, we brought out some snorkeling goggles for Judah to wear in the bath. When Paisley saw them, of course she wanted to wear them, too! She was hilarious in these and she knew it. So stink'n funny.


  1. SO sorry that J got sick :( Totally relate to the blessing of being forced to slow down. God is great at helping us to do that. I adore the picture with the bowl on the table... throw up bowl??? Great photo! And the ones of P with the snorkel mask... well, ADORABLE!

  2. Sorry to hear about Judah! I know what you mean about going all of the time then feeling behind and overwhelmed. I go through phases of that, too.

    Those pics of Paisley are too cute for words!!

  3. That is such a clever idea - to document the day's accomplishments. Of course, it stinks that your child is sick and resulted in all those things!

    Thanks, too, for your comment on my blog! I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers. Have a great day!

  4. Paisley is AWESOME!!! those are so stinking hilarious :)


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